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Reeves Modeling Paste

Reeves Modeling Paste is ideal for creating 3D effects, texture-building and thickening the consistency of paint. Rigid and water-resistant when dry, Reeves Modeling Paste can be painted on with acrylic colours or mixed prior to application.




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Reeves Gel Mediums

FROM $16.15

Reeves Gel Mediums can be painted with acrylic colours or mixed with paint prior to application.

The Reeves Gel Mediums range includes:
Coarse Texture - dries to a corase, sand-like finish
Gloss - thickens paint consistency & improves brushstroke retention
Super Heavy 3D Gloss - dries to a hard, rigid & water-resistant finish making it ideal for 3D effects


Reeves Iridescent Medium

ONLY $16.15

Reeves Iridescent Medium when applied on top, or mixed with acrylic paints, provides shimmer & pearlescent effects.


Plastic Palette & Paint Knives

FROM $7.55

Plastic Palette & Paint Knives are a safer alternative to metal knives, making them ideal for classroom use.


Reeves Gesso

ONLY $17.40

Reeves Gesso provides a flexible, non-cracking base to prepare surfaces for acrylic & oil paint.
Apply Reeves Gesso, with a flat brush, to canvas, paper or wood.