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Need compass tools for an upcoming art project? Take a look through our excellent range of compass tools and find the ones your need. Best part is, you can get compass tools by some of the best drawing and illustration brands all at discounted prices! Save money buying compass tools without having to compromise on quality. Order now and have it delivered to you!


Helix Precision Drawing Set


ONLY $75.95

Helix Precision Drawing Sets include everything you need to make precise and accurate measurements, lines and circles.
Each kit comes in a sturdy plastic case with snap lock to ensure your tools stay safe and secure while you are on the move.

Suitable for students and professionals.

Precision Drawing Set Contains:

  • Precision Thumbwheel compass
  • Technical compass
  • 140mm Extension Arm
  • 2mm Replacement leads
  • Pen adaptor

Precision Plus Drawing Set Contains:

  • Quick release precision compass
  • Precision thumbwheel compass
  • 140mm Extension Arm
  • 2mm Replacement leads
  • Pen adaptor

Helix Quick Release Precision Compass


ONLY $39.10

Helix Quick Release Precision Compass is an ideal compass with enhanced accuracy and precision for students and designers alike.

  • a quick-release for fast adjustment
  • a geared head for centering
  • rotating thumbwheel with fine thread for pin point movement
  • includes 2mm spare leads in a hard case

STAEDTLER Noris Club Compass Sets


FROM $11.65

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