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Scale Models

Searching for affordable scale models for your next art project? We have a wonderful range of scale models below for you to choose from for all sorts of artists. You can get all of these scale models by some of the best craft supply brands at discounted prices! Find more affordable scale models without sacrificing on quality. Order now and have it delivered to you!


Jordan Australian Bush Trees

Scale Models

NOW $27.90

Create amazing foliage for your 3-dimensional modelling landscape. Realistic including brown trunks and green leaves. 


Jordan Ballast Fine Sand Pack

Scale Models

NOW $8.55

The Jordan Ballast Fine Sand Packs is a high quality and non-toxic craft sand. Perfect for any modelmaking projects. 

Colour: Natural
Size: 200g


Jordan Hedges

Scale Models

NOW $8.25

Create natural landscaped borders for your scale model layout, or brilliant backdrops for homes and buildings.


Jordan Model Grass Roll

Scale Models

NOW $33.30

Ideal for model making, the Jordan Model Grass Roll stimulates grass. Comes on a roll that can easily be cut and adhered to a variety of surfaces. 


Jordan Scatter

Scale Models

ONLY $8.25

Use the Jordan Scatter to create grass effects and ground cover to your modelling projects. 


Scale Model Cars

Scale Models

FROM $1.35

Scale Model Cars will add life to many projects across a variety of disciplines. Packs come assorted in scale from 1:200 - 1:300. They are made of white ABS plastic.


Scale Model Grass

Scale Models

FROM $4.85

Fill your landscaping with the Scale Model grass. Ideal for model makers including prefessionals and students. 


Scale Model People

Scale Models

FROM $2.40

Scale Model People are an excellent way to bring reality and professionalism to your scale models. Ideal for Architectural firms, students and model makers.
Packets of Scale Model People come with a mixture of men and women, in a variety of clothing and postures. Made of ABS plastic.


Scale Model Trees

Scale Models

FROM $4.15

Scale Model Trees are an excellent way to bring reality and professionalism to your scale models. These Scale Model Trees are realistically coloured, with brown trunks and vivid green leaves.

Ideal for architectural firms, students and model makers!