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Paint Brushes

Find affordable paint brushes at lower prices here for your next art project. We have a wonderful range of paint brushes below for you to choose from for all sorts of artists. You can get all of these paint brushes by some of the best paint brush brands at discounted prices! Find more affordable paint brushes without sacrificing on quality. Order now and have it delivered to you!


Art Spectrum Definer Synthetic Brushes


FROM $9.50

Art Spectrum Definer Synthetic Brushes have a synthetic bristle that feels like a hog bristle, but gives superior control and colour flow. Suitable for oil and acrylic paints.


Art Spectrum Goat Hair Wash Brushes


FROM $19.05

With soft goat hair bristles, Art Spectrum Goat Hair Wash Brushes are great for applying large areas of fluid colour. Best suited to watercolour, fluid acrylic or painting with waterbased inks. Short Handle.


Art Spectrum Hake Brush


FROM $7.00

The Art Spectrum Hake Brush is a Japanese style paint brush ideal for washes, glazing and varnishing. The Art Spectrum Hake Brush is constructed using natural wooden handles and goat hair bound with fine wire.


Art Spectrum Hog Hair Brushes


FROM $6.35

Suitable for use with oil or acrylic paint, Art Spectrum Hog Hair brushes contain soft hog bristles and have a long red handle.


Art Vibe Brush Roll


NOW $10.55

The Art Vibe Super Brush Bundle features 18 hog hair brushes in a handy canvas brush holder to help protect the bristles. The brushes come in an assortment of flat and round in sizes 1 to 8 and 10 all with a sturdy wooden handle.


Jasart 713 Hog Bristle Flat Brush


FROM $2.80

The Jasart 713 Hog Bristle Flat Brush is ideal paint brush for priming canvas, watercolour washes, stain or dye applications, and for varnishing large surfaces.


Jasart Aqua Brush Pens


FROM $8.25

Jasart Aqua Brush Pens are designed to be filled with water or water soluble paints or inks. The flexible nylon brush tip holds the ink for longer, allowing for longer strokes and unlike hair brushes, will not fray.


Jasart Brush Bundle


ONLY $29.10

The Jasart Brush Bundle is an all-purpose kit containing 18 brushes: size 1 to 8 and 10 in both flat & round. Jasart Brush Bundle is perfect for painting with acrylic or oil paints and for students on the move. These paint brushes also includes a convenient and practical roll up canvas brush holder.


Jasart Brush Holder


ONLY $27.70

The Jasart Brush Holder is made from black canvas and holds up to 12 paint brushes.


Jasart Brush Sets


ONLY $51.80

Jasart Filber Brush Set includes a range of sizes, in the specified paint brush style, perfect for acrylic, oil, gouache and oil painting.

The filbert shape is well suited for flat strokes and filling in large areas.


Jasart Brush Wallet Sets


FROM $35.80

Jasart synthetic brushes can be used with a variety of paints, including acrylic, watercolour, gouache, poster, tempera and more. These Jasart Brush Wallet Sets contain gold synthetic brushes with a pearl white handle.

Presented in a handy wallet, these brush sets are great gifts for artists of all levels or a handy brush set for on the go, allowing you to easily securely store your brushes.


Jasart Filbert Hog Brush Sets


ONLY $30.00

Jasart Hog Brush Sets contain six assorted fine-quality, interlocking Hog Bristle paint brushes. The Jasart Hog Brush Sets contain paint brushes with greater spring and longer lasting life, making them suited for use with oil and acrylic paint.

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Need the right brush for your arts n crafts project? Well, you’ve come to the right place. At Discount Art n Craft Warehouse we have brushes of all types for every application, including natural brushes, hake brushes, goat hair brushes, hog bristle brushes, camel hair brushes, sable brushes and more. Brushes that compliment your style of painting whether you prefer to use watercolours, acrylic and many artistic preferences.

usheWe also have all the right brands including Art Spectrum, Jasart, Roymac and Winsor & Newton, and all at hard to beat prices. Whether it’s natural or synthetic brushes, individual specialty brushes or brush sets, you’ll find the perfect brush for your paint project at Discount Art n Craft Warehouse.

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