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Reeves Gesso

Reeves Gesso provides a flexible, non-cracking base to prepare surfaces for acrylic & oil paint.
Apply Reeves Gesso, with a flat brush, to canvas, paper or wood.




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Reeves Acrylic Flat Brush Set

NOW $19.80

Reeves Acrylic Flat Brush Set offers a range of brushes ideal for acrylic painting and other water based paints. Made from white synthetic fibres which hold their shape while painting.

Flat Brushes are suitable for short controlled strokes

Reeves Acrylic Flat Brush Set 5 includes: #2, #4, #8, #10, #12


Reeves Gel Mediums

FROM $16.15

Reeves Gel Mediums can be painted with acrylic colours or mixed with paint prior to application.

The Reeves Gel Mediums range includes:
Coarse Texture - dries to a corase, sand-like finish
Gloss - thickens paint consistency & improves brushstroke retention
Super Heavy 3D Gloss - dries to a hard, rigid & water-resistant finish making it ideal for 3D effects


Reeves Heavy Weight Drawing Paper Pads

FROM $9.95

Reeves Heavy Weight Drawing Paper Pads features 25 sheets of 200gsm acid-free papers.

Reeves Heavy Weight Drawing Paper are ideal for use with a selection of dry and wet media from pencils, pastels, crayons, charcoal, markers and even inks. It can also be used for light watercolour washes.


Reeves Iridescent Medium

ONLY $16.15

Reeves Iridescent Medium when applied on top, or mixed with acrylic paints, provides shimmer & pearlescent effects.