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Glue Guns

Save on hot glue guns by shopping through our amazing range, all at affordable prices. We have a wonderful range of hot glue guns below for you to choose from for all sorts of artists. You can get all of these hot glue guns by some of the best craft supply brands at discounted prices! Find more affordable hot glue guns without sacrificing on quality. Order now and have it delivered to you!


Jasart Glue Gun

Glue Guns

FROM $15.75

Jasart Glue Guns are ergonomical and useful for all adhesive and craft applications. Ideal for Craft and DIY projects, bonds materials cleanly and easily including wood, plastic, metal, leather, ceramics, paper, cardboard, flowers, ribbon , paper and balloons.
Jasart Glue Guns modern design offers non drip nozzle. It has a convenient built in stand with fast and easy application.
Includes 2 spare glue sticks in each pack


Jasart Glue Gun Sticks

Glue Guns

FROM $4.30

Jasart Glue Gun Sticks are hot melt glue sticks designed to fit Jasart Hot Glue Guns. Bonds materials cleanly and easily, including wood, plastic, metal, leather, ceramic, paper, cardboard, flowers, ribbon, paper and balloons.

7mm glue sticks are compatible with the 10w Jasart Glue gun, and 12mm glue sticks are compatible with the 15w Jasart Glue gun.


Rapid Glue Gun & Sticks

Glue Guns

FROM $26.15

The Rapid Glue Gun is modern, with an ergonomical design ideal for craft projects and adhering activities.  The Rapid Glue Gun uses larger and more economical glue sticks for great spread.

Includes six glue sticks.


Rapid Point Cordless Glue Sticks

Glue Guns

ONLY $16.30

Rapid Point Cordless Glue Gun Sticks are for use with the Rapid Point Cordless Glue Gun. Ideal for decorating materials such as textiles, clothes and glass.