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Tracing Paper

Uncover our range of Trace Paper & Pads at Discount Art & Craft Warehouse.

We believe that art should be accessible and available to everyone within every budget. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, we aim to provide you with exactly what you need! We stock a wide range of Trace Paper & Pads from the biggest art brands around including Derwent, Reeves, Winsor & Newton, Faber-Castell, Art Spectrum, Copic, Matisse and many more.

We deliver Australia-wide so you can shop in the comfort of your own home.


Canson Tracing Paper

Trace Paper & Pads

NOW $51.00

Canson Tracing Paper has a smooth finish, excellent transparency and is acid-free. It is suitable for pen, ink and pencil.


Dura Lar Wet Media Acetate

Trace Paper & Pads

FROM $5.45

Dura-Lar Wet Media Acetate is a specially treated film that can be worked on both sides with paint, marker pens and airbrush without beading, crawling or chipping. It is archival quality, will not yellow and is stable and will lay flat.
Dura-Lar Wet Media Acetate is a great tool for making trial changes when you are not sure where to go.


Grafix Clear-Lay Acetate

Trace Paper & Pads

FROM $3.10

Clear-Lay Film .005 gauged clear flat film is designed for overlays, stencils and protective coverings. It has dimensional stability, archival, non plasticizers and acid free.


Greaseproof Paper

Trace Paper & Pads

NOW $0.25

Greaseproof Paper is a 30gsm paper that is versatile for a wide range of applications including drafting. It is sometimes known as butter paper.


Reeves Tracing Paper Pads

Trace Paper & Pads

FROM $9.60

Reeves Tracing Paper is a great value for money quality tracing film in a convenient easy to tear-off pad. Suitable for students and professionals, it is ideal for drawings in pencil, markers, ink and pen. This tracing paper is acid free and lightweight at 65gsm.


Saral Wax Free Transfer Paper

Trace Paper & Pads

FROM $30.70

Saral Wax Free Transfer Paper works like carbon paper to transfer a design from one surface to another. Producing waxless, greaseless tracings, Saral Wax Free Transfer Paper allows for clean tracings which lay lightly and are easy to erase.

Saral Wax Free Transfer Paper colour uses:
Blue - non-photographic, for bright line & tole painting
Yellow - metal & glass surfaces
Graphite - all-purpose
White - dark surfaces
Red - ceramics


The Saral Wax Free Transfer Paper 10 sheets are 8.5" x 12" and the Rolls are 305mm X 910mm x 4 Sheets per roll.


Utoplex Trace Paper

Trace Paper & Pads

FROM $0.50

Utoplex Trace Paper is a premium quality, acid-free tracing paper for students and professionals. Made with European paper and possessing superior sheet flatness and erasing properties, Utoplex Trace Paper will not discolour, yellow or become brittle.
Utoplex Trace Paper can be used for tracing, drafting, overlay work, inkjet & offset printing, and scrapbooking.


White Trace Paper Roll

Trace Paper & Pads

FROM $38.60

White Trace Paper Rolls are transparent and lightweight, yet able to take all pens, pencils and markers.

Suitable for developmental sketches, preliminary detail renderings or quick roughs, White Trace Paper Rolls are the most economical way to get the job done!


X-Press It Wet Media Acetate

Trace Paper & Pads

FROM $1.75

Xpress-It Wet Media Acetate Sheets are treated on both sides allowing almost any liquid drawing medium to stay on without chipping, cracking or beading up. Can be cleaned with water.


Yellowtrace Paper

Trace Paper & Pads

FROM $38.60

Yellowtrace paper is a lightweight, extremely transparent sketch paper, popular with Architects and Designers. It is ideal for overlays, tracing existing drawings and layouts. Yellowtrace Paper is ideal for use with pencil, felt tip markers, ink and charcoal.

FAQs about Tracing Paper

1. Place a sheet of tracing paper over the image you wish to trace.
2. You can use some tape to help hold the image in place.
3. Using a graphite pencil, trace over the original image, carefully following all the lines.
4. Peel the tape off, and remove the tracing sheet. You should now have two identical images (the original and the traced).

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Tracing paper is a semi-transparent surface that can be used to easily trace the outlines and details of an image or a drawing. Once the tracing has been completed onto the tracing paper is can then be transferred over to different location.

Once you have flipped and aligned the tracing paper onto the next medium, you will need to rub the back along the lines of what has been traced. This will allow for an accurate representation of the original image to be transferred onto the next surface, giving you a mirrored version of the image.

Just need to ensure you are using a graphite pencil when doing the original tracing as they show up much more clearly on the next surface than other pencils.

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