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Drawing Tools

Find affordable drawing tools at lower prices here for your next art project. See our range below to find the amazing drawing tools you can use in all sorts of art projects. Save on drawing tools by some of the best drawing and illustration brands at affordable prices! Enjoy discounts buying drawing tools without having to sacrifice on quality. Order now and have it delivered to you!


Artograph EZ Tracer


ONLY $127.15

Enlarge your drawing, painting or small 3D object to 2 to 10 times its size and project it on to your chosen surface with the Artograph EZ Tracer and Projector.

Project your work onto any flat surface to quickly enlarge your designs. Ready to use from the box and no assembly required.


General's Miser Pencil Extender


ONLY $15.30

Extend the life of your pencils with The General's Miser Pencil Extender.

The General's Misser Pencil Extender is made of wood and metal, attaches to short and stubby wood-cased pencils and adds 5” to the length creating a better hold for the user.

It is a durable accessory for artists, designers, students, or anyone who uses pencils.


Helix Precision Drawing Set


ONLY $75.95

Helix Precision Drawing Sets include everything you need to make precise and accurate measurements, lines and circles.
Each kit comes in a sturdy plastic case with snap lock to ensure your tools stay safe and secure while you are on the move.

Suitable for students and professionals.

Precision Drawing Set Contains:

  • Precision Thumbwheel compass
  • Technical compass
  • 140mm Extension Arm
  • 2mm Replacement leads
  • Pen adaptor

Precision Plus Drawing Set Contains:

  • Quick release precision compass
  • Precision thumbwheel compass
  • 140mm Extension Arm
  • 2mm Replacement leads
  • Pen adaptor

Isometric Graph Pad


ONLY $16.25

Isometric A3 Graph Pads are ideal for introducing students to free hand and instrumental isometric drawing. The Isometric pad is glued and bound with 50 sheets of isometric blue lines , which will not photocopy. The Isometric A3 Graph Pad is great for producing freehand isometric sketches. Use under trace or bank paper as guide lines.


Kent 45 Degrees Set Squares


FROM $5.20

These 45 Degree Set Squares from Kent are made from clear and durable plastic, which is flexible and professional quality.

Ideal for technical drawing or design work, they are available in both 45 and 60 degree options and are supplied a plastic which is great for storage.


Kent 60 Degrees Set Squares


FROM $5.20

Kent's 60 Degree Set Squares are made from clear, flexible, professional quality, durable plastic.

Ideal for technical drawing or design work, they are available in both 45 and 60 degree options and are supplied a plastic which is great for storage.


Kent Adjustable Set Squares


FROM $82.55

Kent Adjustable Set Squares are a professional grade instrument that features a clear transparent surface and a precision divider in degrees. The Kent Adjustable Set Square also features bevelled edges for ink pens/markers and an easy-to-alter arm.


Kent Double Sided T-Square


FROM $40.25

With perspex on both sides of the Kent Double Sided T-Square, it can be used by both left and right handers.


Kent Protractors


FROM $1.35

Made from durable, professional quality plastic, Kent Protractors can be used for a variety of mechanical and engineering related work, as well as in schools for maths and geometry. 

The clear plastic allows you to see through with ease, the bevelled edge ensures smooth line making and the millimetre markings make measuring a breeze.


Kent Scale Rulers Flat/Oval


ONLY $19.60

Quality oval scale rule with precise division ratios on both sides, 30cm.
Different models to suit various technical requirements.

#61M - 1:1, 2,5,10.
#62M - 1:1, 5, 10, 100, 20, 200, 50, 500.
#63m - 1:1, 10, 20, 200, 25, 250, 50, 500.
#64M - 1:125, 1250, 250, 2500, 400, 4000, 800.


Kent T-Square Celluloid Edge


FROM $34.00

Kent Wooden T-Squares are built with a white celluloid edge on the blade to ensure strength and enhance the rigidity of the blade.


Paper Stumps


ONLY $7.75

Compressed soft Paper Stumps make blending dry media easy. Sharpen the Paper Stumps to a pencil-like point for very fine details.

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