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Looking for sharpeners at lower prices for your next art project? We have a wonderful range of sharpeners below for you to choose from for all sorts of artists. You can get all of these sharpeners by some of the best drawing and illustration brands at discounted prices! Find more affordable sharpeners without sacrificing on quality. Order now and have it delivered to you!


Derwent Superpoint Manual Helical Sharpener


ONLY $18.00

Derwent Superpoint Manual Helical Sharpener will get the sharpest point on your pencil, accepting a maximum diameter of 8mm. Desk clamp included. Manual operation. 


Faber-Castell 3-In-1 Sharpener


NOW $6.65

The 3-in-1 Sharpener from Faber-Castell is the ultimate pencil sharpener for your studio, office or classroom space. With 3 holes, the sharpener will work with 3 different size pencils, including jumbo and triangular barrels.

The sharpener opens to reveal the holes and the closed ends ensure no mess in your workspace. Simply close for compact, neat storage between uses.

The perfect pencil accessory from Faber-Castell, this best selling sharpener will be your favourite new gadget!


Kent Battery Sharpener


ONLY $21.00

Kent Battery Sharpener has high quality blade for precise sharpening with non skid feet ensure stability. Features a safety switch to protect fingers. Powered by 4x AA Batteries (Not included).

Regular hole: 6-8mm pencils

Larger hole: 9-12mm pencils


Prismacolor Premier Cannister Pencil Sharpener


ONLY $6.45

Prismacolor Cannister Sharpener is designed specifically to sharpen Prismacolor pencils to a rounded point to minimise and assist in the pencil lasting longer.


STAEDTLER 502 Mars 2mm Lead Pointer


ONLY $30.00

STAEDTLER 502 Mars 2mm Lead Pointer has been specifically made to sharpen 2mm leadholder pencil leads. It features a point cleaner and precision cutting wheel that automatically stops when the perfect point has been achieved.
STAEDTLER 502 Mars 2mm Lead Pointer is housed in a high quality plastic barrel and offers you a choice of two point options: super fine point for drawing and normal point for writing.


STAEDTLER Metal Double Hole Sharpener


ONLY $4.20

Quality metal sharpeners made by Staedtler. The small hole takes pencils up to 8.2mm diameter and the large hole takes up to 10.2mm.


STAEDTLER Metal Single Hole Sharpener


ONLY $2.10

Quality metal sharpeners made by Staedtler, suitable for use with pencils up to 8.2mm diameter.


STAEDTLER Tub Sharpener


NOW $6.35

STAEDTLER Tub Sharpener is a double hole pencil sharpener which has a plastic container for catching all pencil shavings. It is suitable for pencils up to 10.2mm in diameter.

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