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Sennelier Oil Paint Sticks

FROM $14.50

Sennelier Oil Paint Sticks offers artists more freedom to express, with spontaneity, than traditional oil painting. Made from pure pigments, mineral waxes and vegetable oils, Sennelier Oil Paint Sticks are lightfast and dry to a hard film.

Sennelier Oil Paint Sticks paint on conventional oil painting surfaces like canvas, canvas panels, laminated panels and paper. It can be used on its own or with oil paints and oil mediums to create unique effects. Like regular oil paints, let your completed artwork dry for at least 6 months before varnishing.


Matisse Structure Acrylic Paint

FROM $7.80

Matisse Structure Acrylic Paints utilise the finest quality pigments and ingredients, producing a full spectrum of intense colours.

The entire Matisse Structure Acrylic Paint range have the highest lightfastness rating and are archival quality, allowing you to create pieces which will survive for generations.

Ideal for application with a brush for traditional effects or a palette knife.


Jo Sonja's Artists' Acrylic Paint

FROM $6.75

Jo Sonja's Artists' Acrylic Paints are derived from a flow formula offering the opacity of colour combined with the velvet matte finish synonymous with traditional gouache. Made from the finest quality pure pigments, Jo Sonja's Artists' Acrylic Pants will not crack or chip when cured and will remain vibrant for generations.

Jo Sonja's Artists' Acrylic Paints are suitable for all surfaces including paper, papier mache, card, canvas, wood, fabric, tin, terracotta, glass & tile.


Winsor & Newton Professional Acrylic Paint

FROM $14.50

Winsor & Newton Professional Acrylic Paints (also known as Artists' Acrylic) are made with pigments of the highest quality to ensure clean & strong colours with delightful working properties.

The richness, intensity and depth of every colour in the Winsor & Newton Professional Acrylic Paint range becomes evident as the colours are applied from tube to canvas.

Winsor & Newton Professional Acrylic Paints utilise the maximum amount of pigment possible, to produce a paint with broad handling & unsurpassed colour-mixing capabilities.


Atelier Interactive Acrylic Paint

FROM $8.35

The Atelier Interactive Acrylic Paint range offers exceptional consistency, brushability and colour load. The patented technology results in a acrylic paint with a smooth and buttery consistency, drying to a matte or satin finish.

Atelier Interactive Acrylic Paints offer a versatile set of working properties, applying like a conventional acrylic paint whilst allowing unique control over the drying process and the ability to reactivate the paint once dry.


Academy Thick (1.5") Edge Canvases

FROM $4.40

Academy Canvas is 100% cotton which is ideal for use with oil, acrylic or alkyd paints. The stretcher bars are made from Swedish pine which results in a very strong support to the canvas. The bars are also sustainably sourced. Academy canvas is 280gsm (5oz) weight, is triple primed with quality acrylic gesso and is back stapled. The thick edge Academy canvas range is 1.5” thick. Ideal for artists, hobbyists and students.


Rub N Buff Wax

ONLY $12.50

Rub N Buff Wax is made from a unique blend of imported carnauba waxes, fine metallic powders and select pigments.
Just rub onto any surface with a finger or soft cloth, then buff to a beautiful finish.

Rub N Buff Wax is ideal for:

  • Restoring antiques
  • Stenciling
  • Frame finishing
  • Antiquing
  • Home decor
  • Restoration
  • Craft projects

Derivan Face & Body Paint

ONLY $13.55

Derivan Face & Body Paint is non-toxic, safe, and washes off with soap and water. It provides excellent coverage, dries quickly and has a vibrant colour range. Derivan Face & Body Paint is an ideal face and body paint for theatre, children's parties, fetes and fairs. It conforms to all government regulations and requirements. It is recommended you apply a barrier cream or hand cream prior to using Derivan Face & Body Paint to help make removal easier.

Derivan Face & Body Paint - Starter Set includes:
*Five colours
*Applicator sponge
*Two brushes

Derivan Face & Body Paint - Tool Kit
5 x 4ml Derivan Face & Body Paints
2 x Sponge Applicators
2 x Brushes
1 x Water Mixing Jar
2 x Sachets of Sequins
1 x Face Painting Book


Art Spectrum Atelier Artists' Acrylic Chromacryl

Derwent Matisse Winsor & Newton


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