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Prismacolor Colour Pencil Sets

FROM $26.40

Prismacolor Colour Pencils feature a thick, soft core constructed from the brightest light-resistant pigments. The result? A smooth, rich laydown and vibrant colour saturation - perfect for artists' of all levels.

Prismacolor Colour Pencils are break-resistant (manual sharpening is recommended), slow to wear and waterproof.

Prismacolor Colour Individual Pencils also available.


Reeves Watercolour Paints 12ml

ONLY $6.65

Containing highly concentrated pure pigments, Reeves fine Artist Watercolour Paints offer quality and reliability. A selection of opaque, semi-transparent and transparent paints can be mixed together to create bright colours and finishes. Reeves Fine Artist Watercolour Paint can achieve granulating textural effects and flat un-textured washes.

Reeves Fine Artist Watercolour Paint should be used with specific watercolour paper to achieve desired results and maximise panting experience. It is easy to clean up and free from harsh chemicals. Reeves Fine Artist Watercolour Paint is suitable for students and professionals.


Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Paints 60ml

FROM $8.50

The Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Paint range offers vibrant colours and good brush stroke retention at an affordable price.

With a high level of pigmentation, Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Paints possess brilliant colours and a good buttery consistency for quick and easy coverage. Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Paints also offer excellent depth of colour, with an even satin finish.


Rub N Buff Wax

ONLY $13.95

Rub N Buff Wax is made from a unique blend of imported carnauba waxes, fine metallic powders and select pigments.
Just rub onto any surface with a finger or soft cloth, then buff to a beautiful finish.

Rub N Buff Wax is ideal for:

  • Restoring antiques
  • Stenciling
  • Frame finishing
  • Antiquing
  • Home decor
  • Restoration
  • Craft projects

Matisse Structure Acrylic Paint

Thin Edge Canvas 16

Best Sellers


Winsor & Newton Griffin Alkyd Oil Paints 37ml

FROM $17.50

Winsor and Newton Griffin Alkyd Oil Paint is a fast drying oil paint that is touch-dry in 24 hours, allowing you to complete a painting in a single session. A great option for outdoor artists & students, Winsor and Newton Griffin Alkyd Oil Paint is slightly more fluid and transparent than Artists' Oil Colour. Suitable for traditional oil painting techniques such as impasto and glazing.

Winsor and Newton Griffin Alkyd Oil Paint is also available in Titanium White 200ml.


Reeves Oil Pastel Packs

FROM $21.10

Use Reeves Oil Pastels on drawing or pastel paper for the best results. Each pack contains popular assorted colours.

Round shape, fill in large areas of colour quickly as well as add detail.


Fabriano Mixed Media Pads

FROM $28.00

Combining the characteristics of watercolour and acrylic papers with those of a drawing paper, this pad provides both dry media and light wash techniques. Unique, cool white colour and slight texture give your artwork a professional look.

Rest assured knowing our Fabriano Mixed Media Pads are FSC certified as well as acid-free for all of your art projects. It's a full-size pad with 60 sheets of 160 gsm paper that offers durability and quality in each and every sheet.

Perfect for pencils, charcoal, marker pens, crayons, pastels, gouache and more. Our Italian made Fabriano Mixed Media Pads offer an economical yet high quality option to capture your inspiration on paper.


Jasart Byron Acrylic Paints 1 Litre

ONLY $15.95

Jasart Byron Acrylic Paint is a medium bodied acrylic paint. With bright and intense colours, students and artists can enjoy creating vibrant colours due to its good colour mixing properties.

Jasart Byron Acrylic Paint can be used on many surfaces, including paper, canvas, plastic, wood and glass, and is permanent when dry.

Jasart Byron Acrylic Paint is non-toxic and comes in 75ml, 200ml (white), 1 Litre and 2 Litre sizes. The larger sizes are perfectly suited to use in the classroom and studio.


Canvas Boards

FROM $3.25

These canvas panels are made from 100% cotton canvas board. A 380gsm (7oz) medium texture canvas stretched over 3.5mm hardboard core. The canvas is also triple primed with acrylic gesso. Perfect for oils, acrylics and alkyds.


Matisse Structure Acrylic Paints 75ml

FROM $8.25

Matisse Structure Acrylic Paints utilise the finest quality pigments and ingredients, producing a full spectrum of intense colours.

The entire Matisse Structure Acrylic Paint range have the highest lightfastness rating and are archival quality, allowing you to create pieces which will survive for generations.

Ideal for application with a brush for traditional effects or a palette knife.

Matisse Structure Acrylic Paints are available in 75ml, 250ml, 500ml and 1 Litre sizes.


Posca Marker Brush (PCF-350) Set

NOW $84.60

Posca Paint Marker Sets are acrylic paint marker pens that are highly pigmented, long lasting, and light-fast. Posca Paint Markers are waterproof, non-toxic, and fade resistant. 

Posca Paint Markers can be used on a variety of surfaces such as wood, metal, paper, canvas, glass, plastic, plaster, and more. Posca Paint Markers are used by students, surf board artists, auto dealers, sign writers, illustrators. 

Colours included: 

Pink, Yellow, Red, Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Silver, Gold, White, Black


Jo Sonja's Glass & Tile Painting Medium

NOW $17.65

Jo Sonja's Glass & Tile Painting Medium converts acrylic colours to decorative, yet durable, glass and ceramic paints.


Art Spectrum Atelier Artists' Acrylic Chromacryl

Derwent Matisse Winsor & Newton


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