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Reeves Iridescent Medium

Reeves Iridescent Medium when applied on top, or mixed with acrylic paints, provides shimmer & pearlescent effects.




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Plastic Palette & Paint Knives

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Plastic Palette & Paint Knives are a safer alternative to metal knives, making them ideal for classroom use.


Reeves Acrylic Varnish

ONLY $12.20

Reeves Acrylic Varnish is a permanent gloss or matt varnish which can be used to protect finished paintings. Reeves Acrylic Varnish can be mixed with other varnishes to produce varying finishes. Non-yellowing.


Reeves Acrylic Paint

FROM $7.40

Reeves Acrylic Paint is a highly pigmented, vibrant acrylic with excellent coverage and lightfastness. It can be cleaned up with water and is flexible when dry. Reeves Acrylic Paint is excellent for textured effects and can also be thinned with water for watercolour techniques. Reeves Acrylic Paint is suitable for canvas, paper, wood and glass. The 4 metallic colours: Gold, Silver, Bronze and Copper can be mixed with standard colours to create a wide range of luminous metallics.


Reeves Gel Mediums

FROM $16.15

Reeves Gel Mediums can be painted with acrylic colours or mixed with paint prior to application.

The Reeves Gel Mediums range includes:
Coarse Texture - dries to a corase, sand-like finish
Gloss - thickens paint consistency & improves brushstroke retention
Super Heavy 3D Gloss - dries to a hard, rigid & water-resistant finish making it ideal for 3D effects