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Lino & Block Printing Supplies

Uncover our range of Lino & Block Printing at Discount Art & Craft Warehouse. Spend more time creating by finding the right Lino & Block Printing you need at discounted prices!

We believe that art should be accessible and available to everyone within every budget. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, we aim to provide you with exactly what you need! We stock a wide range of Lino & Block Printing from the biggest art brands around including Derwent, Reeves, Winsor & Newton, Faber-Castell, Art Spectrum, Copic, Matisse and many more.


Derivan Block Ink Medium & Extender 250Ml

Lino & Block Printing

NOW $18.10

Derivan Block Ink Medium Extender is a versatile medium that can be used in two ways to create relief prints. Add Derivan Block Ink Medium Extender to extend the colour without diluting the structure of your paint.

Up to a 1:1 ratio the colour will be extended, after this the colour will start to become more transparent. Derivan Block Ink Medium Extender can also be added to Matisse Structure Acrylic colours to create block printing ink. A ratio of 1:1 is recommended.


Derivan Block Printing Ink

Lino & Block Printing

ONLY $17.70

Derivan Block Printing Ink has the perfect consistency for lino & wood block printing.
Free from harmful solvents, Derivan Block Printing Ink is non-toxic and easy to clean up, while still giving a professional-grade oil-based printing ink.


EC Block Printing Ink

Lino & Block Printing

FROM $14.25

EC Block Printing Ink is an economical, water-based ink, ideal for lino printing. It is non-toxic making it great for beginners and students. EC Block Printing Ink dries by moisture evaporation and absorption into the paper. When doing overprinting, absorbent paper such as cartridge or newsprint can be used to speed up the drying process.


Essdee Lino Cutter 1 To 5 Plus Handle Set

Lino & Block Printing

NOW $16.25

Essdee Lino Cutter 1 To 5 Plus Handle Set Includes 5 precision cutters (styles No.1 - 5) and a sturdy handle with an aluminium collar which allows the cutters to be securely fitted and tightened with ease.

Manufactured from high carbon steel. Durable and long lasting, the Essdee cutters are precision ground to an optimum angle providing effortless lino cutting.


Ezy Carve Printing Block

Lino & Block Printing

FROM $5.20

At Discount Art N Craft Warehouse you can find all your favourite products at discount prices. Are you a fan printmaking? Discount Art N Craft Warehouse supplies Ezy Carve Printing Blocks for use with block printing inks, acrylics and relief inks that won’t crack or dry out.

Ezy Carve Printing Block is smooth, high quality, double-sided and made from rubber, making it easier to carve into than lino. Reproduce artwork without gaps or hollows and store your printing block safely for years.

Not sure where to start? Try using your Ezy Carve Printing Block to make your own napkins, table cloth, T-shirt, curtains, gift tags or birthday cards.

Not sure printmaking is your thing? Then check out the other projects you can tackle with Discount Art N Craft Warehouse using supplies like paints, canvas, markers, calligraphy, construction, clay, airbrushing and mediums and varnishes.

Discount Art N Craft Warehouse really does have everything you need for exploring the world of art and craft. Be it printmaking, drawing or sitting down to a kids activity, Discount Art N Craft Warehouse has you covered.


Lino Wood Tools Set

Lino & Block Printing

NOW $18.65

This Lino Wood Tools Set is ideal for beginners and students. Constructed using high quality steel, the tool set is suitable for lino cutting, as well as carving soapstone or talcstone.
Great for creating smooth and sharp lines as well as carving larger areas.

The Lino Wood Tools Set Includes 1 U & 2 V cutting shapes. 


Micador Lino Carving Tool Sets

Lino & Block Printing

NOW $18.50

The Micador Lino Carving Tool Set 6 contains six tools with a comfortable grip moulded into the handle. The blades made from manganese steel, giving them a high resistance to bending or breaking.
The Micador Lino Carving Tool set 4 and stone contains 4 premium quality, precision steel blades and an emery stone for sharpening. Each tool has a strong 1mm thick steel blade that are resistant to breaking and bending. This set is ideal for students and professional artists.


Safety Hand Guard

Lino & Block Printing

NOW $8.20

Saftey Hand Guard is the essential guide for lino carving, affording protection when cutting towards the hand. A must for all classrooms for any carving operation.


Silk Cut Lino

Lino & Block Printing

FROM $4.90

An ideal surface for all printmakers, Silk Cut Lino offers softness and consistency with no slippage.

Pencil-drawn lines are easily visible on Silk Cut Lino and holds sharp lines for clearer prints.


Speedball Premium Lino Carving Set

Lino & Block Printing

NOW $36.90

Speedball Premium Lino Carving Set is a high quality set made with steel blades for long lasting, sharp edges.
Speedball Premium Lino Carving Set comes with the Speedball Lino Cutter handle and one each of Lino Cutter blades: Small V (#1), Large V (#2), Small U Gouge (#3), Large U Gouge (#5), Knife (#6) The handle also doubles as storage for the blades.


Studio Double-Sided Vinyl

Lino & Block Printing

FROM $5.75

Block printing double sided coloured vinyl is ideal for water-based inks. Studio Double-sided Vinyl is soft enough for beginners to easily use and is flexible so will not chip or crack. The black core reveals the image as the vinyl is cut. Cuts easily, prints clearly and is ideal for fine detail work

FAQs about Lino & Block Printing Supplies

Linocut printing is a type of fine art printmaking in which the printing plate is cut into linoleum. Yes, linoleum, as in flooring. The lino is then inked and a piece of paper placed atop it before being pressed under pressure to transfer the ink to the paper.

Block printing inks or relief inks are used as printing inks for lino printing. They may be water-based or solvent-based, and they should be slow drying, thick, and runny. Water-soluble oil paints can also be utilized.

Block prints are generally made with oil-based ink:

Firstly, apply the ink to a flat surface.
Secondly, roll the ink out until it becomes 'sticky'.
Thirdly, roll the ink onto the printing block.
Fourthly, use a clean roller or printing press to press the block onto the paper/surface to reveal your final print.