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Modelling Clay Supplies

Uncover our range of Clay at Discount Art & Craft Warehouse.

We believe that art should be accessible and available to everyone within every budget. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, we aim to provide you with exactly what you need! We stock a wide range of Clay from the biggest art brands around including Derwent, Reeves, Winsor & Newton, Faber-Castell, Art Spectrum, Copic, Matisse and many more.

Delivery is Australia-wide so you can shop in the comfort of your own home.


Boxwood Plain Modelling Tools


NOW $32.35

Boxwood Plain Modelling Tools are used to sculpt and model clays and moulding compounds. Different head shapes allow the artist to create various effects like ridges, grooves and plains.

Made from boxwood, they are strong and easy to grip. Boxwood Plain Modelling Tools feature double ended tips for a variety of uses.

Ideal for clay, metal and leather.


D&L Air Drying Clay


FROM $28.45

D&L Air-dry clay is a low-cost and versatile material for kid and adult crafts, from preschool art projects to handmade wedding decorations. The clay dries in 24 to 48 hours without the need for firing.

Once dry, the clay is sturdy and suitable for indoor use, but is susceptible to water damage. The clay requires a coat of clear varnish or sealant to become water-resistant.


DAS Modelling Clay


FROM $7.90

DAS Modelling Clay is an easily malleable, air-dry clay suitable for all modelling techniques.

It has a fine, smooth texture and can be used on various supports. Acrylic paints or varnishes can be applied to your DAS Modelling Clay creation as a finish.


Mungyo Modelling Tools


NOW $9.50

Create different effects easily with these Mungyo Modelling tools. Set of nine assorted clay modelling tools with various shaped ends which are easy to handle. Their plastic and brightly coloured design makes Mungyo Modelling Tools perfect for kids. 


Pebeo Gedeo Modelling Tools


NOW $25.00

The perfect set of clay modelling tools for hollowing, engraving, smoothing and cutting.

The Gedeo Modelling Tools Set includes:

  • Trimming tool - For hollowing out and digging
  • Modelling tool - For sculpting and engraving clay
  • Rib tool - For smoothing and cutting clay
  • Cutting wire - For cutting cleanly through clay

Sculpey Modelling Clay


NOW $45.40

Sculpey Modelling Clay is an oven-bake clay. It is soft, pliable and will not dry until it has been baked, allowing you to work on your project for as long as you need.

Once it has dried, Sculpey Modelling Clay can be drilled, carved, sanded, painted and varnished. Sculpey Modelling Clay is versatile and can be worked to create small intricate objects for doll houses, all the way up to models and large waterproof sculptures.




ONLY $19.25

Easily create fun shapes with the range of FIMO clay moulds from Staedtler. They are durable and ice and heat resistant.

Ideal for use with FIMO modelling clays, they can also be used with casting powder, soap and other materials. Instructions are in each set.


STAEDTLER FIMO Decorating Gels 50ml


ONLY $17.35

STAEDTLER FIMO Liquid Decorating Gels are used for drawing or embellishing on FIMO, grouting FIMO mosaics, adhere baked or unbaked polymer clays together and more.

STAEDTLER FIMO Liquid Decorating Gels have a thick, fluid consistency and are flexible after hardening. It is compatible with STAEDTLER FIMO modelling clays and can be used in bakeable silicone moulds.


STAEDTLER Fimo Grind Polish Set


NOW $26.70

The Staedtler FIMO Grind Polish Set includes sanding sponges for wet sanding and flexible foam sheets ideal for sanding of round and curved objects.

Staedtler FIMO Grind Polish Set includes 3 different grades that are easy to wash out and reuse - Fine, Super-fine and Micro-fine.

May be cut for individual applications.


STAEDTLER Fimo Kids Modelling Clays 42g


ONLY $3.60

Staedtler Fimo Kids Modelling Clay is not just for kneading! This oven-hardening modelling clay enables children to inventively craft their very own toys, while discovering the world around them.
Available in 16 colours in 42gm blocks complete with resealable packaging which means that the Staedtler Fimo Kids Modelling Clay that has already been opened can be kept clean and safe from dirt and dust until next used.


STAEDTLER Fimo Kids Modelling Clay Set


ONLY $25.55

Staedtler Fimo Kids Modelling Clay is not just for kneading! This oven-hardening modelling clay enables children to inventively craft their very own toys, while discovering the world around them.

Staedtler Fimo Kids Modelling Clay Basic Set contains colours: Red, Yellow, Blue Black White and Green - which can be mixed to create your own favourite colours.

Staedtler Fimo Kids Modelling Clay Girlie Set contains colours: Lilac, Rose, Pink Turquoise, Glitter White and Glitter Gold.


STAEDTLER FIMO Leather Effect Modelling Clays 57g


ONLY $4.80

STAEDTLER FIMO Leather Effect Modelling Clays are an oven-hardening modelling clay in 57g blocks that give the effect of leather after hardening! Create stunning jewellery, accessories, home decor and more!

You can mix different colours together to create your ideal colour. FIMO Leather Effect can be combined with FIMO soft clays however this will lessen the leather effect depending on how much you add to the mix.

Harden in the oven at 130°C (265°F) for 30 minutes (not suitable for microwave ovens). After hardening, your pieces are flexible and bendable with the leather effect is visible on both sides of clay. If thin enough, FIMO leather effect is braidable, sewable and cuttable.

FAQs about Modelling Clay Supplies

1. Envision the final piece of what you want to create
2. Test your clay for wetness ensuring it's easier to work with and shape
3. Build and create cleverly by using what's available to you (e.g. pottery wheel, or even just your fingers, rollers and scultping tools)
4. Avoid protruding shapes to ensure your artwork remains sturdy and supported
5. Look out for a local studio if you want an extra hand or some more advice

You can't air-dry polymer clay because it must be baked at the correct temperature to harden. That's why so many clayers love polymer clay. If you leave it on room temperature, it won't harden before you're ready to bake.

Soften the clay by moulding it with your hands. Flatten it and make one or more holes (based on the size of your clay) before filling them with the colour of your choice. When combining powdered pigments, you may need to add a few drops of water. It will assist in mixing evenly, preventing the clay from drying out.

What is modelling clay?

Modelling clay is a type of clay that can be used to create a variety of different shapes and structures. It is typically made from a mixture of water, clay powder and other ingredients, such as sand or gravel. The clay is then formed into a variety of different shapes and left to harden.

What are the benefits of working with modelling clay?

Modelling clay is a great way to encourage creativity and imagination in children. It can also be used to help develop fine motor skills. The clay can be moulded into a variety of different shapes and structures, which can then be used to create all sorts of different objects.

What are the different types of modelling clay?

Modelling clay comes in a variety of different colours, textures and hardness levels. The most common type of clay is air-drying clay, which hardens when exposed to air. There is also oven-bake clay, which hardens when baked in an oven, and self-hardening clay, which hardens without the need for air or heat.

What are the different uses for modelling clay?

Modelling clay can be used for a variety of different purposes. It is commonly used in art and craft projects, such as sculpture and pottery. It can also be used to make jewellery, ornaments and toys. The clay can also be used for educational purposes, such as in classrooms and therapy sessions.

What are the drawbacks of modelling clay?

While modelling clay is a versatile and fun material to work with, there are a few potential drawbacks that you should be aware of. One of the biggest drawbacks is that it can be quite messy! If you are not careful, the clay can easily get all over your hands and clothes. Additionally, modelling clay can be quite crumbly, so it is important to work in a well-ventilated area.

What is the difference between clay and modelling clay?

Clay is a natural material that is found in the ground. It is made up of minerals, such as alumina, silica and water. When clay is heated, it becomes hard and brittle.

Modelling clay, on the other hand, is a synthetic material that is made from a variety of different ingredients, such as water, clay powder and other materials. It is typically formed into a variety of different shapes and left to harden.

What are some things to avoid while using modelling clay?

There are a few things to avoid while using modelling clay. One of the most important things to avoid is eating the clay! While it might seem like a harmless activity, eating clay can actually be quite dangerous. Clay can contain harmful bacteria and toxins that can make you sick.

In general, modelling clay is a safe and fun material to work with! However, it is important to use it carefully and avoid any potential hazards. With a little bit of care, you will be able to create a variety of different shapes and structures.

What are some tips for using modelling clay?

There are a few essential tips that you should keep in mind when using modelling clay. First of all, it is important to make sure that the clay is properly mixed before you start shaping it. Additionally, you should always use a cutting tool or knife to avoid damaging the clay.

What art supplies will I need when using modelling clay?

In order to use modelling clay, you will need a few essential supplies, such as the clay itself, a cutting tool, a shaping tool and a baking oven. These are all relatively inexpensive and can be found at most craft stores. Once you have all of the necessary supplies, you will be ready to start creating your own unique creations!

How do you store modelling clay?

Modelling clay should be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry place. The clay can also be stored in the fridge or freezer to extend its shelf life.

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