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Drawing Paper & Pads

Uncover our range of Drawing Paper & Pads at Discount Art & Craft Warehouse.

We believe that art should be accessible and available to everyone within every budget. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, we aim to provide you with exactly what you need! We stock a wide range of Drawing Paper & Pads from the biggest art brands around including Derwent, Reeves, Winsor & Newton, Faber-Castell, Art Spectrum, Copic, Matisse and many more.

Delivery is Australia-wide so you can shop in the comfort of your own home.


Winsor & Newton Visual Diaries

Drawing Paper & Pads

FROM $7.00

Winsor & Newton Visual Diaries are great for pastel, calligraphy, coloured pencil, gel pen & general work. Either wire or hardbound, Winsor & Newton Visual Diaries are versatile, strong and long-lasting.

Hardbound - 60 x 110gsm sheets
White Paper - 60 x 110gsm sheets


Winsor & Newton Heavyweight Visual Diaries

Drawing Paper & Pads

FROM $27.95

The Winsor & Newton Double Wire Visual Diaries contains premium cartridge drawing and sketching paper. Great for pencils, coloured pencils, charcoals and general work.


Winsor & Newton Hardbound Visual Diary

Drawing Paper & Pads

FROM $19.60

The Winsor & Newton Hardbound Visual Diary contains 60 sheets of 110gsm cartridge paper. These acid free papers are suitable for use with dry media such as pencil, charcoal and pastel.


Winsor & Newton Bleedproof Paper Pads

Drawing Paper & Pads

FROM $25.50

Specifically formulated to prevent marker ink from bleeding, Winsor & newton Bleedproof Paper Pad features high-quality, smooth, bright white paper that will make colour look vibrant and rich with high levels of contrast.


Winsor & Newton Black Paper Visual Diaries

Drawing Paper & Pads

NOW $50.40

Winsor & Newton Visual Diaries are great for pastel, calligraphy, coloured pencil, gel pen & general work.

Double wire and spiral bound with 40 sheets of paper, Winsor & Newton Black Paper Visual Diaries are versatile, strong and long-lasting.


Jasart My Notes Ruled Notebook

Drawing Paper & Pads

NOW $35.05

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Jasart My Notes Ruled Notebook is a pocket-sized notebook that boasts a range of features designed to enhance your writing experience:

  • Pocket-Sized Convenience: Compact and lightweight, this notebook fits effortlessly into your bag, backpack, or pocket, ensuring that inspiration is never out of reach.
  • Fashionable Colours: Available in a selection of vibrant and trendy colours, the Jasart My Notes Notebook adds a touch of personality to your everyday carry.
  • Ribbon Bookmark: Easily navigate through your notes and find your place with the built-in ribbon bookmark, making organisation a breeze.
  • Expandable Inner Pocket: Store loose papers, receipts, or business cards in the expandable inner pocket, keeping all your essentials in one secure location.
  • Elasticised Closure: Keep your notebook securely shut, and your pages protected with the elasticised closure, providing peace of mind while you're on the move.
  • Ample Writing Space: With 192 pages of high-quality, 80gsm buff-coloured paper, there's plenty of room to jot down your thoughts, sketches, to-do lists, and more.
  • Acid-Free Paper: Experience a smooth and enjoyable writing surface that's gentle on your pen and won't deteriorate over time, thanks to the acid-free paper.

Whether you're a student, professional, artist, or simply someone who loves to jot down ideas on the fly, the Jasart My Notes Ruled Notebook is your trusted companion for capturing inspiration wherever it strikes. Get yours today and elevate your note-taking experience!


Jasart Sketch & Write Notebooks

Drawing Paper & Pads

FROM $34.20

Jasart Sketch and Write Notebooks are a stylish sketchbook ideal for thinkers and artists! Features 110gsm acid-free paper, fine grain cover, expandable inner pockets, elasticised closure and ribbon bookmark. Jasart Sketch and Write Notebooks contain 160 pages and are available in plain, as well as plain/ruled options.


Jasart Art Boards

Drawing Paper & Pads

FROM $25.00

Jasart Art Board is ideal for art & craft applications and special projects. Suitable for use with pastels, colour pencils, charcoal, pencil and tempera.

Jasart Art Board is 200gsm and measures 510mm x 640mm.


Liviano Coloured Cards 180gsm A4 Packs

Drawing Paper & Pads

ONLY $7.60

Bright coloured art & craft light card, Liviano 180gsm is suitable for many applications.

Use in the classroom, studio or at home for crafting, design or general art. Suitable for use with pencils, markers, pens and more. Acid free.

Liviano Coloured Cards are available in 180gsm (A4 Packs, A3 Packs, A2 Sheets) and 300gsm (A4 Packs, A3 Packs, A2 Sheets and A1 Sheets)


Fabriano Accademia Drawing Pads

Drawing Paper & Pads

FROM $13.00

Fabriano Accademia drawing & sketching paper is a top-quality choice for any artist. It's made of lignin and acid-free cellulose, so your creations will stand the test of time.

Whether you're sketching with charcoal or creating detailed drawings with a pencil, this versatile paper is ideal for all sorts of fine art projects. You can even use it with sanguine for unique effects.

Containing 50 sheets per pad, this strong, 120gsm drawing paper guarantees long lasting results that preserve even the finest details in your artworks.


Fabriano 1264 Spiral Sketch Pads

Drawing Paper & Pads

FROM $15.20

With a smooth, fine-tooth paper, Fabriano 1264 Spiral Sketch Pads are perfect for making sketches, quick drawings, doodles, or jotting down ideas.

Lightweight 90gsm paper gives you a warm white colour while still allowing easy erasing of pencil marks without pilling. Works best with dry media like pens, markers, graphite or coloured pencils and pastels.
Acid-free paper ensures longevity of artwork created with Fabriano 1264 Spiral Sketch Pads while the convenient spiral binding options in both landscape and portrait orientation.


Fabriano Black Black Pads

Drawing Paper & Pads

FROM $27.20

Unrivalled black colour - Our Fabriano Black Black Pads are crafted with lightfast pigments to give you a superior, velvety black colour like no other. Enjoy crisp white lines and vibrant colours on the dark background.

The 300gsm paper contains an uncoated cardboard made from ECF (Environmental Chlorine Free) cellulose pulp for a smooth and easy drawing experience. Ideal for pastel, pencil, acrylic markers and scrapbooking.

Each pad contains 20 sheets of 300gsm paper.

FAQs about Drawing Paper & Pads

Drawing paper, as the same suggests, is a type of paper used specifically for drawing. Normally used by drawers, draftsmen or sketchers.

Charcoal or pastel paper is the best for charcoal drawing, or a fine toothed paper is better suited to adhere the charcoal and creates less dust.

The ideal paper weight for graphite drawing is over 80 lbs. (120 gsm). Because it can withstand pressure from the pencil better, heavier paper is preferable for drawing. Thinner paper will be considerably easier to tear and ruin your work.