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Drawing Accessories

Want to find drawing accessories for your next art project? Take a look through our excellent range of drawing accessories and find the ones your need. Best part is, you can get drawing accessories by some of the best drawing and illustration brands all at discounted prices! Save money buying drawing accessories without having to compromise on quality. Order now and have it delivered to you!


Artlogic LED Super Slim Lightboxes

Drawing Accessories

FROM $180.15

Artlogic LED Super Slim Lightboxes are used by artisits, designers, animators and photographic transparency viewing.

They have a super bright LED light with a convenient touch power control to adjust the brightness. Artlogic LED Super Slim Lightboxes have a sleek design and are super thin and light weight.


Artograph EZ Tracer

Drawing Accessories

ONLY $127.15

Enlarge your drawing, painting or small 3D object to 2 to 10 times its size and project it on to your chosen surface with the Artograph EZ Tracer and Projector.

Project your work onto any flat surface to quickly enlarge your designs. Ready to use from the box and no assembly required.


Artograph LX Series Lightpads

Drawing Accessories

FROM $476.05

Artograph Lightpad LX series are built for durability and utilise super bright LED technology to provide a perfectly even illuminated surface, run cooler and use less energy.


  • Trim 1/2in /12mm profile
  • Variable brightness 500 to 5000 lux
  • Up to 50,000 hours lamp life
  • Colour temperature 3500K, cool white
  • Double layered illuminated surface for a firm work surface
  • Includes protective storage sleeve
  • 1 year warranty

Artograph Tracer

Drawing Accessories

ONLY $390.65

The Artograph Tracer enlarges artwork, designs, lettering and even small objects from 2 up to 10 times. It is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for creating drawings, murals, paintings and signs.

Artograph Tracer features:

  • Enlarges 2 - 12x
  • Copy size 127mm x 127mm
  • Full colour projection
  • 23w spiral fluorescent lamp
  • 200mm optical glass lens

Calligraphy Board

Drawing Accessories

ONLY $83.55

A drawing board ideal for calligraphy and watercolours, also suitable for drawing oils and acrylics. The Calligraphy Board tilts to 3 different angle settings. Australian made.


Celco Steel Ruler

Drawing Accessories

FROM $6.50

The Celco Steel ruler is perfect for cutting and drawing. This is a stainless steel ruler, packaged in a protective plastic sleeve.


Derwent Pencil Wrap

Drawing Accessories

NOW $21.95

Derwent Pencil Wrap holds up to 30 standard size pencils and features a few other holders for your drawing accessories.

It is made from strong canvas which unrolls flat for easy access and rolls up compact for travel.


Derwent Superpoint Manual Helical Sharpener

Drawing Accessories

ONLY $18.00

Derwent Superpoint Manual Helical Sharpener will get the sharpest point on your pencil, accepting a maximum diameter of 8mm. Desk clamp included. Manual operation. 


Draftex Drawing Board

Drawing Accessories

FROM $99.90

1421 Draftex Drawing Board with PMU and Handle A1 features a locking Parallel Motion Rule and a convenient carry handle that doubles as a stand. Drawing Board size: 900x720mm

1301 Draftex Drawing Board & Backstand A1 features a back stand that adjusts to 5 varying angles. Ideal for use with T squares. Board size: 900x720mm

1521 Draftex Portable Desktop Drafting Unit A1 features a locking Parallel Motion Rule and a stand that adjusts to 5 varying angles. Board size: 900x720mm

1202 Draftex Drawing Board with Carry Handle A2 features a carry handle that doubles as a tilt stand. Ideal for use with T squares. Board size: 700x550mm

1422 Draftex Drawing Board with PMU and Handle A2 features a locking Parallel Motion Rule and a convenient carry handle that doubles as a stand. Board size: 700x550mm

1522 Draftex Portable Desktop Drafting Unit A2 features a locking Parallel Motion Rule and a stand that adjusts to 5 varying angles. Board size: 700x550mm



Drawing Board Easels

Drawing Accessories

FROM $68.85

These Drawing Board Easels will bring a new experience to your work station. Place them on a surface and enjoy adjusting your working angle using the built in angle adjuster.

The smooth surface of the Drawing Board easel provides an excellent working area for a variety of media, from paper to card or canvas or board. With a built in ledge, you can quickly access your pens or pencils, keeping your work space neat and tidy. Folds flat for easy storage when not in use.


Faber-Castell 3-In-1 Sharpener

Drawing Accessories

NOW $6.65

The 3-in-1 Sharpener from Faber-Castell is the ultimate pencil sharpener for your studio, office or classroom space. With 3 holes, the sharpener will work with 3 different size pencils, including jumbo and triangular barrels.

The sharpener opens to reveal the holes and the closed ends ensure no mess in your workspace. Simply close for compact, neat storage between uses.

The perfect pencil accessory from Faber-Castell, this best selling sharpener will be your favourite new gadget!


Faber-Castell Kneadable Eraser

Drawing Accessories

NOW $2.90

PVC free, self cleaning, kneadable eraser for lightening artwork. The Faber-Castell Kneadable Eraser can also be used for cleaning films and layouts and correcting charcoal, pencil and pastel work.

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