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Screen Printing Supplies

Uncover our range of Screen Printing at Discount Art & Craft Warehouse. Spend more time creating by finding the right Screen Printing you need at discounted prices!

We believe that art should be accessible and available to everyone within every budget. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, we aim to provide you with exactly what you need! We stock a wide range of Screen Printing from the biggest art brands around including Derwent, Reeves, Winsor & Newton, Faber-Castell, Art Spectrum, Copic, Matisse and many more.


Eziscreen Artwork Transparency

Screen Printing

NOW $10.85

Eziscreen Artwork Transparency is a multi-function transparency for use in inkjet, multi-function centers and most laser printers when using StencilPro, Speedball and other screen methods.

Full usage details, exposure tips, techniques and product support for Eziscreen Artwork Transparency are available free on


Kiwocol Poly-Plus Srx Photo Emulsion

Screen Printing

NOW $97.90

Kiwocol Polyplus SRX is a professional quality Photographic Emulsion offering outstanding resolution on all grades of mesh. Regarded as one of industry's highest quality emulsions. Solvent and water-resistant, cleans up with stencil stripper


Kleen Emulsion Stripper

Screen Printing

NOW $48.95

Clean screens with ease with the Kleen Emulsion Sripper. Quickly and easily removes photo emulsion. 

Mix with water and apply with a spray bottle for effective and economical screen reclaim.


Lumi Inkocap Roller

Screen Printing

NOW $19.80

Lumi Inkocap Roller screws onto any Inkodye bottle and makes it easy to apply without waste.

The hard rubber roller is easily cleanable with water and the easy way to apply Lumi Inkodye to fabric. Also works on any bottle with a standard 24/410 cap.


Nehoc Squeegee Professional

Screen Printing

FROM $16.45

Nehoc Professional Squeegees are made from a one piece molding process . They are screwed not nailed or glued, for easy blade rotation which doubles the life of the squeegee. The Nehoc Professional Squeegee blade is grade urethane and remains sharp for years. Flat base enables squeegee to stand up between uses and easy storage.

Lightweight comfortable handle - no wrist or arm pain. Sanded corners for smooth finish.
The Nehoc Professional Squeegee has been designed to fit multiple frame sizes.
Full 12 month guarantee

Do not soak handle or blade in water or wood will swell and warranty is void.
Remove excess ink from blade immediately after use with ink knife. Wipe blade with paper or dry cloth to remove excess ink. Clean blade with damp cloth for final cleaning.


Permaprint Premium Printing Inks 300ml

Screen Printing

FROM $18.00

Permaprint Premium Printing Inks 300ml a water base printing ink that is suitable for printing on sealed paper, polyesters, polycarbonates, cardboards and more.

Permaprint Premium Printing Inks 300ml offer superior performance and colour brightness. It is solvent-free and does not contain ozone-depleting chemicals, aromatic hydrocarbons, PVC resins or Phthalates Plasticiser, lead or heavy metals.


Permaset Aqua Textile Inks

Screen Printing

FROM $17.90

Permaset Aqua Textile Inks are easy-to-use but still provide rich coverage, intensity and exceptional colour yield. They are perfect for screenprinting on a range of textiles, but can also be used on most non-porous surfaces.

Standard colours are suitable for printing on coloured fabrics, while the Supercover & Metallic Peramset Aqua Textile Ink ranges provide excellent coverage and opacity on dark fabrics.

Permaset Aqua Textile Inks are water-based, non-toxic and low odor.


Permaset Aqua Textile Inks Screen Printing Kit

Screen Printing

NOW $171.80

Permaset Aqua Textile Inks are easy-to-use but still provide rich coverage, intensity and exceptional colour yield. They are perfect for screenprinting on a range of textiles, but can also be used on most non-porous surfaces.

Permaset Aqua Screen Printing Kit contains:

  • 6 x 100ml Permaset Aqua Printing Ink (Jet Black, Green B, Mid Red, Blue B, Orange R, Mid Yellow)
  • 29cm x 4cm mesh screen
  • 1 x 20cm long squeegee
  • 1 x masking tape 50cm x 24mm
  • 6 x stencil patterns
  • 8 sheets of Ezy-Cut stencil paper
  • Illustrated instructions

Permaset Aqua Textile Inks are water-based, non-toxic and low odour.


Print Gocco Lamps

Screen Printing

NOW $26.05

Print Gocco Lamps are a key ingredient required to create a screen printing screen or PRINT GOCCO Print Master.

The tungsten filled lamp 'fires' to create the heat that transfers your design onto the screen. Each lamp can be used only once.
Rub the base of Print Gocco Lamps on a piece of card/ paper before use to create a clean contact point before use.

Contains 10 bulbs.


Silk Mesh

Screen Printing

NOW $65.10

Silk Mesh is ideal when you want to re-screen your silk screen frames. Made from nylon monofilament weave, with a mesh size of 43T, it is suitable for general fabric and paper screenprinting.


Speedball Diazo Photo Emulsion Kit

Screen Printing

NOW $66.85

Kit contains Photo emulsion, sensor, clean up paste and instruction booklet. Suitable for use with water or solvent based inks on polyester screen fabrics.

  • 1 x 195ml Photo Emulsion
  • 1 x 236.5ml Remover
  • 1 x 29.6ml Sensitiser

Speedball Screen Filler / Blockout

Screen Printing

FROM $34.35

Speedball Screen Filler blocks out areas and imperfections not to be printed. Apply Speedball Screen Filler onto a screen with small pieces of cardboard to fill background and pin holes.

Cleans up with ammonia-based cleaner. Non-toxic and water soluble.

FAQs about Screen Printing Supplies

Screen printing is a method of applying an ink-blocking stencil to a mesh screen in order to receive a certain picture. The screen stencil creates open areas of mesh that allow ink or other printable materials to flow through as a sharp-edged image is pressed against the mesh as it adheres to the surface.

Cover the print with a sheet of brown paper or baking paper. Iron on 'Medium' for about 1 minute, then take a short break and iron over the design again for another 30 seconds. There you go, your print is now dry.