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Pastel Supplies

Uncover our range of Pastels at Discount Art & Craft Warehouse.

We believe that art should be accessible and available to everyone within every budget. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, we aim to provide you with exactly what you need! We stock a wide range of Pastels from the biggest art brands around including Derwent, Reeves, Winsor & Newton, Faber-Castell, Art Spectrum, Copic, Matisse and many more.

We deliver Australia-wide so you can shop in the comfort of your own home.


Art Spectrum Pastel Sets


ONLY $71.95

Pure and Brillant, Art Spectrum Pastel Sets are made from the highest quality pigments sourced around the world and are triple milled to produce dark, intense pure colours.

These sets are designed to have a range of colours to choose from and that go well with each other.

Landscape Set: Australian Grey, Spectrum Red, Flinders Red Violet, Finders Blue Violet, Flinders Blue Violet, Ultramarine Blue, Tasman Blue, Indigo, Australian Leaf Green Blue, Australian Leaf Green Light, Green Grey, Australian Leaf Green Dark, Greenish Umber, Australian Red Gold, Pilbara Red

Assorted Set: Titanium White, Lemon Yellow, Spectrum Yellow, Coral, Spectrum Deep Red, Flinders Red Violet, Flinders Blue Violet, Ultramarine Blue, Spectrum Blue, Indigo, Grass Green, Phthalo Green, Greenish Umber, Burnt Sienna, Lamp Black

Portrait Set: Burnt Sienna, Caput Mortuum (554X), Raw Umber, Yellow Ochre, Spectrum Deep Red, Flinder Blue Violet, Ultramarine Blue, Green Grey, Raw Umber, Burnt Sienna, Pilbara Red, Caput Mortuum (554N), Caput Mortuum (554P), Burnt Umber, Cool Grey

Dark Set: Bordeaux, Flinders Red Violet, Flinders Blue Violet, Phthalo Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Prussian Blue, Phthalo Green, Australian Leaf Green Dark, Green Grey, Raw Umber, Pilbara Red, Caput Mortuum (554N), Burnt Umber, Cool Grey, Lamp Black


Derwent Pastel Pencil Sets


FROM $29.70

These wood-cased Derwent Pastel Pencil Sets allow you to enjoy all the beauty of working with pastels while keeping your hands responsibly clean.

Offering a soft, powdery and velvet-smooth finish, Derwent Pastel Pencil Sets are ideal for colour mixing and blending.

Theses pastel colour pencils are perfect for colouring in and drawing.


Conte A Paris Crayon Box Sets


FROM $17.40

Conte Crayons have a rich, vivid colour range perfect for colouring and sketching. They are harder than most pastels and charcoal, making them ideal for detailed line work as well as colouring larger areas. Conte Crayons have a strong opacity, and are suitable for work on darker papers as well as light.


Derwent Inktense Blocks


FROM $32.55

An extremely versatile medium, Derwent Inktense Blocks can be used wet or dry to create deep, intense colour washes. Combining the brilliance of Derwent Inktense Pencils with the freedom of blocks, Derwent Inktense Blocks are ideal for layering, free marking, covering large areas and use on silk, cotton, canvas and paper. Once dry the colour is permanent and you can work over the top of it.

Derwent Inktense Blocks are

  • water soluble for a vibrant ink effect.
  • permanent for use on fabrics like silk and cotton
  • easy to blend and can be mixed with water to create translucent, ink-like effects

Before using Derwent Inktense Blocks, get to know the basics of watercolour with our Getting to Know the Techniques and Basics of Watercolour guide. Mixing watercolour ratios can be difficult and while Derwent Inktense Blocks make painting in colour easy, it pays to have a good grip on watercolour and how to mix and use watercolour mediums effectively.

Buy yourself a watercolour journal and get started on your Inktense colour journey.


Rembrandt Soft Pastels


ONLY $5.30

Rembrandt Soft Pastels are an artist quality dry pastel with a velvety finish. The combination of pigment, minimal binder and kaolin clay results in an extra soft pastel with pure, intense colour. Rembrandt Soft Pastels are ideal for detailed drawing and covering large areas.

Rembrandt Soft Pastel Sets are also available.


Art Spectrum Artists' Soft Pastels


ONLY $6.60

Art Spectrum Artists' Soft Pastels are made with the highest quality lightfast pigments. They provide pure, intense, brilliant colours with a rich velvety finish. 


Micador Soft Square Pastels


FROM $19.60

Micador Soft Square Pastels are high quality and made from fine ground pigment to produce rich vibrant colours. The square shape of these pastels means that they can’t roll off surfaces and edges can be used for fine detailing.


Faber-Castell Pitt Pastel Pencil Tins


FROM $41.05

Faber-Castell's Pitt Pastel Pencils are very suitable for lines, shading, and delicate color transitions, and also for extended areas. Use them for sketches, studies, portraits, still-life and landscape drawings. They give a smooth flow of color without being used up too rapidly. Colours are rich in pigment, allowing dense shading. Faber-Castell Pitt Pastel Pencils do not change on fixing or exposure to light.
Wood-cased Faber-Castell Pitt Pastel Pencils do not dirty the fingers, and the leads are free of oils. They can easily be wiped to merge areas of colours, which means that they must then be fixed to protect the drawing. Pencils are pre-sharpened. Individual light fastness ratings are printed on each pencil's casing.


Stabilo Carbothello Pencils


ONLY $5.50

Outstanding quality soft coloured charcoal pencil, which offers rich intense colour. Stabilo Carbothello Pencils have a day and dusty stroke like charcoal or chalk.

Stabilo Carbothello Pencil colours have high brilliance, high light-fastness and good covering power. Colour lifts off easily with an eraser.


Rembrandt Soft Pastel Sets


FROM $50.90

Rembrandt Soft Pastels are an artist quality dry pastel with a velvety finish. The combination of pigment, minimal binder and kaolin clay results in an extra soft pastel with pure, intense colour. Rembrandt Soft Pastels are ideal for detailed drawing and covering large areas.


Micador Water Soluble Oil Pastels


FROM $8.20

Micador Water Soluble Oil Pastels offer all the benefits of ordinary oil pastels with the added feature of water solubility, allowing you to create vibrant watercolour effects.

Perfect for use with watercolour paper or pastel paper.


Conte A Paris Pastel Pencil Sets


FROM $74.10

Conté à Paris Pastel Pencils are rich in pigment and have a very fine, smooth lead. Larger than most other pastel pencils, they can be used for creating blocks of colour, shading and detail. Conté à Paris Pastel Pencils are pre-sharpened and a great companion to Conte Soft Pastels.

FAQs about Pastel Supplies

Pastels belong to a pale family of hues that, in the HSV colour space, have a high value and low saturation. Pastel colours have a softer look than their bright, more saturated colours and are typically described as “soft,” “washed out,” or “pale".

A touch of pastel may be placed on a finger and lightly tapped into an area when a light scent of colour is desired in a specific location. A workable fixative can also be used to lay down a pastel layer ahead of subsequent pastel layers. Experiment with lightly scratching the top layer with a blunt tool to reveal underlying layers if heavy.

Use a soft brush to apply a generous layer of oil pastel color, then add another colour on top. Continue layering and blending until you reach your desired appearance. When merging and mixing, don't be afraid to go deep - your fingers are your brushes, and you may blend and mix to create magic on the page.

Pastels are the spectrum of pale colours that can be best described as washed, desaturated and soft. They bring a different feel and depth to your artwork compared to the standard colour set. There are various types of pastel colours that can be used, including; pastel pencils, hard pastels, soft pastels and water soluble pastels, all of which bring a unique element to your work. Pastels also blend well together giving you more flexibility with what you can achieve in this medium.

It’s important to remember that the type of surface you are drawing will impact how the pastels work. Smoother surfaces and papers will give you better control whereas a harder surface will noticeably impact the finished look with the texture coming through.

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