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Foam Boards & Mount Boards

Find affordable foam boards at lower prices here for your next art project. We have a wonderful range of foam boards below for you to choose from for all sorts of artists. You can get all of these foam boards by some of the best art display brands at discounted prices! Find more affordable foam boards without sacrificing on quality. Order now and have it delivered to you!


Black Board

Foam Boards & Mount Boards

FROM $3.76

Black Board is ideal for mounting artwork, photographs and for model making. Strong, 2mm and acid-free, Black Board is also great for framing.


Black Core Foam Board

Foam Boards & Mount Boards

FROM $5.99

5mm Black Core Foam board has a black polystyrene core and is laminated on both sides with black, coated paper. It's a lightweight foam, easily manipulated with a utility knife.

The Black Core Foam Board is excellent for mounting works, giving added depth and dramatic background.


British Scraperboard

Foam Boards & Mount Boards

ONLY $28.90

British Scraperboard has a super smooth surface that allows for fine-detail work. Preferred by illustrators and professional artists, British Scraperboard is also extensively used as an airbrush medium.


Canson Pasteboard

Foam Boards & Mount Boards

FROM $0.53

Canson Pasteboard is two-sided white, with a grey core. Inexpensive, Canson Pasteboard is ideal for craft, mounting, signs, models and packaging.

270gsm is constructed with 4 sheets
410gsm is constructed with 6 sheets
620gsm is constructed with 10 sheets 


Coloured Foamboards

Foam Boards & Mount Boards

FROM $5.00

Coloured Foamboard is an excellent material for mounting work or for use in classroom and office projects.

  • Lightweight structure made of polystyrene foam sandwiched between two pieces of paper.
  • Easily cut with a mat knife or a utility knife.
  • Suitable for home mounting projects or classroom model making.
  • Great for making office or classroom posters and presentation charts.
  • Available in a range of colours to suit your needs.

Corflute Board

Foam Boards & Mount Boards

ONLY $10.34

Corflute Board is a multi-core, polypropylene sheet which is used for arts and crafts, signage, packaging, display and surface protection. Corflute Board is impact, chemical and water-resistant while still being 100% recyclable and easily converted.


Flexible Foamboard

Foam Boards & Mount Boards

FROM $3.29

Flexible Foamboard is suitable for printing, painting, gluing, bonding and laminating. Flexible Foamboard is lightweight, curves without creasing and is easily manipulated with scissors. Made from 3mm polystyrene foam.


Jasart Self Adhesive Foamboard

Foam Boards & Mount Boards

FROM $4.19

Jasart Self Adhesive Foamboard has a top sheet which you simply peel back to expose the adhesive foamboard underneath. No need for glues and adhesives, simply mount your artwork quickly and easily.


Spicers Core Boxboard

Foam Boards & Mount Boards

FROM $1.17

Spicers Core Boxboard is suitable for book binding, backing pads, calendar stands, gift boxes and game boards. Manufactured from 100% post-consumer waste, Spicers Core Boxboard is FSC Recycled certified and finished to a solid grey.


White Core Foamboard

Foam Boards & Mount Boards

FROM $2.92

White Core Foam Board is lightweight, made from polystyrene between two pieces of paper. Ideal for mounting projects, presentations, model making, picture framing and as a backing board. White Core Foam Board is easy to cut with a utility or mat knife.


White Core Mat Boards

Foam Boards & Mount Boards

FROM $5.09

White Core Mat Board is used for framing artworks, craft projects and model making. It has a superior acid free paper mat board with fade resistant paper available in a variety of colours. 

For mounting artworks, use acid free double sided tape or spray adhesive. For model making, use pva glue or a hot glue gun.


X-Press It Black Board

Foam Boards & Mount Boards

ONLY $5.88

X-Press It Black Board is a versatile heavyweight, solid black card. It is ideal for mounting, craft projects and model making purposes.

Made with sturdy 400gsm or 600 micron card, it can be cut with a craft knife or mat cutter and suitable for use with double sided tape, spray adhesive, tacky craft glue, pva glue and hot glue gun.

X-Press It Black Board can also be decorated with light applications of acrylic paint.

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