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Black Board

Black Board is ideal for mounting artwork, photographs and for model making. Strong, 2mm and acid-free, Black Board is also great for framing.



A4 Sheet



A3 Sheet



A2 Sheet



A1 Sheet




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X-Press It Black Board

NOW $7.10

X-Press It Black Board is a versatile heavyweight, solid black card. It is ideal for mounting, craft projects and model making purposes.

Made with sturdy 400gsm or 600 micron card, it can be cut with a craft knife or mat cutter and suitable for use with double sided tape, spray adhesive, tacky craft glue, pva glue and hot glue gun.

X-Press It Black Board can also be decorated with light applications of acrylic paint.


Micador Beginner's Chalk Pastel

NOW $8.80

Micador Beginner's Chalk Pastel is ideal for kids art and craft. It is non-toxic and made with a blend of chalk compound and pigment making them a harder alternative to tradtional soft pastels. Great for detailed work and making sharp lines and shapes.

Suitable for use on pastel paper, watercolour paper and drawing paper. Micador Beginner's Chalk Pastel colours are more vibrant on darker coloured papers.

Use Micador Workable Mat Fixative in between layers to avoid smudges and to prevent rubbing off on clothes.

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