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Corflute Board

Corflute Board is a multi-core, polypropylene sheet which is used for arts and crafts, signage, packaging, display and surface protection. Corflute Board is impact, chemical and water-resistant while still being 100% recyclable and easily converted.



600mm x 900mm White 3.3mm (Sheet)

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White Core Foamboard

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White Core Foam Board is lightweight, made from polystyrene between two pieces of paper. Ideal for mounting projects, presentations, model making, picture framing and as a backing board. White Core Foam Board is easy to cut with a utility or mat knife.


Flexible Foamboard

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Flexible Foamboard is suitable for printing, painting, gluing, bonding and laminating. Flexible Foamboard is lightweight, curves without creasing and is easily manipulated with scissors. Made from 3mm polystyrene foam.


X-Press It Self-Adhesive Foamboard

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X-Press It Self-Adhesive Foamboard has a high-density foam core and adhesive coating. Protected by an easy-to-peel liner, X-Press it Self-Adhesive Foamboard is ideal for mounting posters and photographs.


Coloured Foamboards

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Coloured Foamboard is an excellent material for mounting work or for use in classroom and office projects.

  • Lightweight structure made of polystyrene foam sandwiched between two pieces of paper.
  • Easily cut with a mat knife or a utility knife.
  • Suitable for home mounting projects or classroom model making.
  • Great for making office or classroom posters and presentation charts.
  • Available in a range of colours to suit your needs.