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Jasart Cartridge Paper

Jasart Cartridge Paper is an economical, acid-free drawing paper suitable for use with all dry media, pencil, charcoal and pastel.



A4 White 110gsm (Sheet)


A3 White 110gsm (Sheet)


A2 White 110gsm (Sheet)


A1 White 110gsm (Sheet)


A1 White 200gsm (Sheet)


A2 White 200gsm (Sheet)


A3 White 200gsm (Sheet)


A4 White 200gsm (Sheet)


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Jasart Poster Paper

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Jasart Poster Paper is 70gsm single-sided colour paper, perfect for classroom displays. Suitable for use with pencils, crayons, pens and markers.


Jasart Newsprint Paper

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Jasart Newsprint Paper is 60gsm and a great paper for general purpose art & craft.


Jasart Litho Paper

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Jasart Litho Paper has a smooth shiny surface for printing and a toothy textured surface on the reverse for drawing. Excellent for charcoal and pastel. This paper is lightweight at 60gsm and can also be used in paper modelling.

Jasart Litho Paper is a quality multipurpose paper that is affordable and perfect for the home, office and classroom.


Jasart Cover Paper

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Jasart Cover Paper is a quality card stock which is thicker than normal paper, but more flexible than cardboard.
Perfect for all your crafting needs, Jasart Cover Paper is FSC accredited and a must for any classroom.

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