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Micador Mat Spray

Micador Mat Spray provides a permanent barrier to dirt, tarnish, stains and moisture. Ideal for preventing shine or glare in product photographs of drawings, artwork, prints, photographs, documents, ceramics and more.




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Micador Fixative Spray

NOW $13.70

Micador Fixative Spray is perfect for protecting your artwork! Drying, within seconds, to a clear finish, Micador Fixative Spray is workable and will protect pencil, pastel, chalk, charcoal, watercolour, tempera, opaque and ceramics. Micador Fixative Spray will not alter or affect the surface of fine paper or boards.


Micador Crystal Clear Spray

NOW $13.70

Micador Crystal Clear Spray provides a permanent barrier to dirt, tarnish, wear, stains and moisture. Drying to a gloss finish, Micador Crystal Clear Spray is ideal for drawing, artwork, prints, photographs, documents and many other projects.


Micador Spray Adhesive

NOW $20.20

Micador Spray Adhesive is designed for permanent and temporary mounting. It clings like cement when a permanent bond is required, stays tacky and lifts off easily for repositioning when temporary bonding is desired.

Acid free.


Micador Picture Varnish Spray

ONLY $13.90

Micador Picture Varnish Spray is a high quality, clear varnish for oil and acrylic paints. Micador Picture Varnish Spray is non-yellowing and will retain flexibility with age.

Hazardous (Hazardous)