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Micador Easy Wash Finger Paint Set

Micador Easy Wash Finger Paint are non-toxic and safe for children. They even have bitter taste to keep little paint covered fingers out of mouths.

The paints are thick with a creamy texture which has been specially formulated for finger painting.

To clean, wash skin with warm soapy water. Do not allow to dry on clothing. Ensure garments are washed promptly with laundry detergent.

Set contains 4 x 100ml in Red, Yellow, Green and Blue.



4 x 100ml

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Each set contains 6 different characters in different colours.


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Suitable for use on pastel paper, watercolour paper and drawing paper. Micador Beginner's Chalk Pastel colours are more vibrant on darker coloured papers.

Use Micador Workable Mat Fixative in between layers to avoid smudges and to prevent rubbing off on clothes.