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Micador Achiever Brush Pack

The Micador Achiever Paint Brush Pack contains two round brushes (sizes 4 and 12) and one flat Paint brush (size 6). Featuring white synthetic hair and short handles, the Micador Achiever Paint Brush Pack is ideal for students or beginning artists.



3 x Assorted Brush Set

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Micador Foam Paint Roller

NOW $9.25

The Micador Foam Paint Roller features a steel handle and spare roller barrel, making it easy to clean. Suitable for water-based media, the Micador Foam Paint Roller is ideal for stenciling, blocking, applying gesso, backgrounds and general craft.


Micador Easy Wash Finger Paint Set

NOW $28.30

Micador Easy Wash Finger Paint are non-toxic and safe for children. They even have bitter taste to keep little paint covered fingers out of mouths.

The paints are thick with a creamy texture which has been specially formulated for finger painting.

To clean, wash skin with warm soapy water. Do not allow to dry on clothing. Ensure garments are washed promptly with laundry detergent.

Set contains 4 x 100ml in Red, Yellow, Green and Blue.


Micador Oil Pastels Class Packs

FROM $171.15

Micador Oil Pastels Class Packs are ideal for classroom use. Each classroom pack contains 432 pastels, offering extremely high pigment content for strong rich colours with a buttery composition and can be mixed in layers or applied heavily.

Features a soft and smooth binder for easy laydown and exceptional blending.

Colourfun Class Pack includes 18 each of Micador's vibrant 24 colours.

Specialty Class Pack includes 18 x 12 watersoluble coloured pastels, 18 x 6 fluoro coloured pastels and 18 x 6 metallic coloured pastels


Micador Picture Varnish Spray

ONLY $13.90

Micador Picture Varnish Spray is a high quality, clear varnish for oil and acrylic paints. Micador Picture Varnish Spray is non-yellowing and will retain flexibility with age.