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Matisse Spreader

Matisse Spreader is a transparent, flowing paste which is hardly discernible when dry. Imparting fine flow, controlled spreadability & lubrication, Matisse Spreader is primarily used for glazing and spreading large volumes of colour.










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Matisse Turps-Based Varnishes

FROM $19.50

Matisse Turps-Based Varnishes are ideal for use in retouching or restoring artwork. Producing a hard, non-yellowing and protective coating, Matisse Turps-Based Varnishes are quick drying and give your painting that final "glow." With Matisse Turps-Based Varnishes, a painting may be complertely cleaned and re-varnished without affecting the paint.


Matisse Impasto

FROM $15.45

Matisse Impasto is a full-bodied texture paste and modelling compound, free of colour pigmentation. Although Matisse Impasto is not fully transparent when dry, there is very little visual colour-loss when mixing and the richness will not be altered in any substantial way.

Drying to a low, subdued sheen and with a very open matrix, Matisse Impasto has the major benefit of allowing all the water to evaporate while losing less volume on drying.


Matisse Clear Sealer

NOW $15.45

Matisse Clear Sealer is specifcally formulated for folk art techniques on raw wood, glass, ceramics, terracotta pots and new metals.


Matisse Print Paste

NOW $41.85

Screen printing on paper? Mix Matisse Print Paste with acrylic colours to extend the drying time of the paint in the screen.