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Matisse Print Paste

Screen printing on paper? Mix Matisse Print Paste with acrylic colours to extend the drying time of the paint in the screen.




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Matisse Spreader

FROM $15.45

Matisse Spreader is a transparent, flowing paste which is hardly discernible when dry. Imparting fine flow, controlled spreadability & lubrication, Matisse Spreader is primarily used for glazing and spreading large volumes of colour.


Matisse Fabric Fixative

NOW $16.50

Mix your acrylic colours with Matisse Fabric Fixative to create permanent designs on fabrics and textiles. Mix equal parts of Matisse Fabric Fixative & acrylic paint, then heat-set with an iron to ensure your designs become wash-fast.


Matisse Surface Tension Breaker

NOW $15.45

Matisse Surface Tension Breaker is used to disperse & break-down the surface tension, by increasing the flow properties, of acrylic paints. Matisse Surface Tension Breaker is ideal for stain-painting and water-wash applications.


Matisse Retarder Medium

NOW $15.45

Matisse Retarder Medium slows the drying time of acrylic paints.