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Matisse Impasto

Matisse Impasto is a full-bodied texture paste and modelling compound, free of colour pigmentation. Although Matisse Impasto is not fully transparent when dry, there is very little visual colour-loss when mixing and the richness will not be altered in any substantial way.

Drying to a low, subdued sheen and with a very open matrix, Matisse Impasto has the major benefit of allowing all the water to evaporate while losing less volume on drying.













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Matisse Matt Medium

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Matisse Matt Medium will, when intermixed, reduce the sheen of acrylic colours to look more like tempera or gouache. Mostly beneficial when used in large areas of colour, Matisse Matt Mediums help to eliminate side sheen and the unfavourable appearance of accidental brush strokes.


Matisse Retarder Medium

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Matisse Retarder Medium slows the drying time of acrylic paints.


Matisse Mat Gel Mediums

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Matisse Gel Mediums are able to produce a wide range of effects when intermixed with other mediums and acrylic colours. Specifically formulated to be thick & buttery, whilst remaining full transparent, Matisse Gel Mediums are high versatile - able to act as a clear transparent colour extender and also as an impasto for 3D extrapolations & multi-layer work.


Matisse Open Medium

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Matisse Open Medium can be mixed with acrylic colours to prolong drying time, while still maintaining the paint's consistency. Best suited for outdoor painting, particularly in hot weather, Matisse Open Medium gives the paint a smooth & buttery handling with a glowing satin finish.