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Matisse Fabric Fixative

Mix your acrylic colours with Matisse Fabric Fixative to create permanent designs on fabrics and textiles. Mix equal parts of Matisse Fabric Fixative & acrylic paint, then heat-set with an iron to ensure your designs become wash-fast.




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Matisse Turps-Based Varnishes

FROM $19.50

Matisse Turps-Based Varnishes are ideal for use in retouching or restoring artwork. Producing a hard, non-yellowing and protective coating, Matisse Turps-Based Varnishes are quick drying and give your painting that final "glow." With Matisse Turps-Based Varnishes, a painting may be complertely cleaned and re-varnished without affecting the paint.


Matisse Background Paints 250ml

ONLY $13.55

Matisse Background Paints are a highly pigmented, low-tooth gesso. Especially designed for use on canvas and board, the Matisse Background Paint range is also extensively used for interior decoratoration. It can be applied to almost any surface and also makes an ideal pastel primer.

With a built-in sealer, Matisse Background Paints not only cover, but also create a surface for painting and dry fast to a matt-velvet finish.


Matisse Spreader

FROM $15.45

Matisse Spreader is a transparent, flowing paste which is hardly discernible when dry. Imparting fine flow, controlled spreadability & lubrication, Matisse Spreader is primarily used for glazing and spreading large volumes of colour.


Matisse Transparent Gesso (Pastel Primer)

FROM $15.45

Matisse Transparent Gesso (Pastel Primer) is a transparent & flexible primer for canvas, board or paper. Specifically formulated for use with the Matisse Background Colours range, the Matisse Transparent Gesso (Pastel Primer) will give your coloured primer extra "tooth" for painting. The result is a brilliant surface able to hold pastels and oil pastels.