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Kent Graduate A3 Drawing Board

Kent Graduate A3 Drawing Board is a portable, double-locking, parallel rule drafting board. 

Designed ergonomically, Kent Graduate A3 Drawing Board features a parellel straighthedge with a protractor and a STOP-and-GO locking and unlocking action. The L-system straighthedge design allows drawing along the top edge right down to the bottom of the sheet providing full accuracy and stability. 

Made from lighweight ABS plastic that us shock resistant and non-warping. 



520mm x 385mm

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With perspex on both sides of the Kent Double Sided T-Square, it can be used by both left and right handers.


Kent Scale Rulers Triangular

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Professional quality triangular scales are 6 sided with 12 sets of ratios. The three models cover most professional and student needs.

Ratios included are:

#402 - 1 ;100, 20, 250, 300, 400, 500.
#403 - 1:20, 25, 50, 75, 100, 125.
#409 - 1 ;25, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100.


Kent Protractors

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Looking for tools for precise measurements? Shop for Kent Protractors now online at Discount Art N Craft Warehouse! "Made from durable, professional quality plastic, Kent Protractors can be used for a variety of mechanical and engineering related work, as well as in schools for maths and geometry. 

The clear plastic allows you to see through with ease, the bevelled edge ensures smooth line making and the millimetre markings make measuring a breeze.


Kent 45 Degrees Set Squares

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These 45 Degree Set Squares from Kent are made from clear and durable plastic, which is flexible and professional quality.

Ideal for technical drawing or design work, they are available in both 45 and 60 degree options and are supplied a plastic which is great for storage.