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Kent Double Sided T-Square

With perspex on both sides of the Kent Double Sided T-Square, it can be used by both left and right handers.










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Kent Adjustable Set Squares

FROM $93.55

Kent Adjustable Set Squares are a professional grade instrument that features a clear transparent surface and a precision divider in degrees. The Kent Adjustable Set Square also features bevelled edges for ink pens/markers and an easy-to-alter arm.


Kent T-Square Celluloid Edge

FROM $41.60

Kent Wooden T-Squares are built with a white celluloid edge on the blade to ensure strength and enhance the rigidity of the blade.


Kent 60 Degrees Set Squares

FROM $5.95

Kent's 60 Degree Set Squares are made from clear, flexible, professional quality, durable plastic.

Ideal for technical drawing or design work, they are available in both 45 and 60 degree options and are supplied a plastic which is great for storage.


Kent Set Square Sets

FROM $33.70

Kent Set Square Sets contain flexible professional quality set squares supplied as a pair: 30/60 and 45 degrees set squares, stored in a protective plastic wallet. Suitable for pencil work only.

#8: (45 Degrees 160mm / 60 Degrees 230mm)

#10: (45 Degrees 200mm / 60 Degrees 280mm)

#12: (45 Degrees 240mm / 60 Degrees 330mm)