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Atelier Low Viscosity Retarder

Atelier Low Viscosity Retarder makes blending with, particularly wet-over-wet & wet-over dry, acrylic colours easier. Atelier Low Viscosity Retarder is an additive, so only a certain amount can be mixed before the mixture becomes unstable.




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Atelier Fast Medium & Fixer

NOW $14.75

Atelier Fast Medium & Fixer allows you to paint with quick progression, as layers dry fast and resilient. Use Atelier Fast Medium & Fixer to thin paint or to reinforce & isolate a paint layer. Water-based & non-toxic.


Atelier Interactive Unlocking Formula

NOW $15.30

Atelier Interactive Unlocking Formula allows you to re-open an uncured paint layer, even after it is touch-dry! Using Atelier Interactive Unlocking Formula, new paint can be blended, existing paint edges feathered and whole sections can be removed to reveal underlayers.


Atelier Liquefying Medium

NOW $14.15

Atelier Liquefying Medium is an acrylic paint extender, designed to provide the most efficient means of reducing paint viscosity whilst maintaining covering power. Ideal for flow applications, including airbrushing & detailed line work. Atelier Liquefying Medium is water-based and best suited for slow-drying wet-in-wet techniques.


Atelier Interactive Slow Medium

NOW $14.15

Atelier Interactive Slow Medium extends wet-in-wet blending time, increases translucency and improves acrylic flow. Ideal for glazing and other techniques which require thinner paint and longer working time.