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Atelier Liquefying Medium

Atelier Liquefying Medium is an acrylic paint extender, designed to provide the most efficient means of reducing paint viscosity whilst maintaining covering power. Ideal for flow applications, including airbrushing & detailed line work. Atelier Liquefying Medium is water-based and best suited for slow-drying wet-in-wet techniques.




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Atelier Interactive Fine Mist Water Sprayer

NOW $7.80

The Atelier Interactive Fine Mist Water Sprayer can be used to keep Atelier Interactive paints workable for longer. Ideal for wet-in-wet techniques, the Atelier Interactive Fine Mist Water Sprayer produces a controlled, fine mist.


Atelier Interactive Slow Medium Thick

ONLY $12.45

Atelier Interactive Slow Medium extends wet-in-wet blending time, increases translucency and improves acrylic flow. Ideal for glazing and other techniques which require thinner paint and longer working time. Atelier Interactive Slow Medium Thick is excellent for outdoor sketching but is not as popular for indoor painting.


Atelier Interactive Acrylic Paint

FROM $7.95

The Atelier Interactive Acrylic Paint range offers exceptional consistency, brushability and colour load. The patented technology results in a acrylic paint with a smooth and buttery consistency, drying to a matte or satin finish.

Atelier Interactive Acrylic Paints offer a versatile set of working properties, applying like a conventional acrylic paint whilst allowing unique control over the drying process and the ability to reactivate the paint once dry.