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Atelier Interactive Unlocking Formula

Atelier Interactive Unlocking Formula allows you to re-open an uncured paint layer, even after it is touch-dry! Using Atelier Interactive Unlocking Formula, new paint can be blended, existing paint edges feathered and whole sections can be removed to reveal underlayers.




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Atelier Interactive Fine Mist Water Sprayer

NOW $8.70

The Atelier Interactive Fine Mist Water Sprayer can be used to keep Atelier Interactive paints workable for longer. Ideal for wet-in-wet techniques, the Atelier Interactive Fine Mist Water Sprayer produces a controlled, fine mist.


Atelier Traditional Varnishes

FROM $16.60

Atelier Traditional Varnishes can be used either as a medium to adjust the sheen levels of acrylic paint, or as an over-varnish for finishing. Formulated from hard acrylic emulsion, Atelier Traditional Varnishes provide a non-tacky, permanent & protective coating.


Atelier Interactive Slow Medium

NOW $14.15

Atelier Interactive Slow Medium extends wet-in-wet blending time, increases translucency and improves acrylic flow. Ideal for glazing and other techniques which require thinner paint and longer working time.

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