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Atelier Traditional Varnishes

Atelier Traditional Varnishes can be used either as a medium to adjust the sheen levels of acrylic paint, or as an over-varnish for finishing. Formulated from hard acrylic emulsion, Atelier Traditional Varnishes provide a non-tacky, permanent & protective coating.



Gloss 250ml



Matte 250ml



Satin 250ml




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Atelier Liquefying Medium

NOW $14.15

Atelier Liquefying Medium is an acrylic paint extender, designed to provide the most efficient means of reducing paint viscosity whilst maintaining covering power. Ideal for flow applications, including airbrushing & detailed line work. Atelier Liquefying Medium is water-based and best suited for slow-drying wet-in-wet techniques.


Atelier Clear Painting Medium

NOW $14.75

Atelier Clear Painting Medium allows paint to be workable for longer and diluted smoothly, without altering sheen, for glazing & blending techniques.

Features of Atelier Clear Painting Medium:

  • Blends wet-over-dry or wet-in-wet
  • Smooth colour gradations
  • Prevents thin paint from running

Atelier Binder

FROM $14.75

Atelier Binder can be used to prepare and seal surfaces for painting with acrylics and oils. As a surface ground, Atelier Binder promotes good adhesion of paint & prevents moisture loss, while still providing a clear, smooth & non-gritty surface.