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Art Spectrum Shellac Flakes

Art Spectrum Shellac Flakes dissolve in methylated spirits to make fresh shellac. Ideal for artists who need a faster drying time. Shellac is versitile and may be used as a natural primer, sanding sealer, tannin-blocker, odour blocker and high-gloss varnish. It can also be used to prevent bleeding of pigments when working on wood and prevent uneven finishes when wood staining. Use Art Spectrum Shellac Flakes as a protective coating on paintings.




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Art Spectrum Shapers

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Art Spectrum Shaper features a nickel plated brass ferrule with a silicone head available in five shapes: Taper Point, Cup Round, Cup Chisel, Flat Chisel and Angle Chisel.

Art Spectrum Shaper is ideal for applying of masking fluid.


Art Spectrum Art Clean

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Art Spectrum Art Clean is a brush and tool cleaner made from a blend of natural and biodegradable extracts. Similar to turpentine with a citrus scent and does not contain any petroleum-based solvents and no harmful bleaches.


Art Spectrum Painting Knives

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Art Spectrum Painting Knives are made from flexible steel blades and feature a cranked handle to allow the artist's hand to stay clear of wet paint on the palette or canvas. The flexbility of the blade allows controlled application of paint directly onto canvas.


Art Spectrum Definer Synthetic Brushes

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Art Spectrum Definer Synthetic Brushes have a synthetic bristle that feels like a hog bristle, but gives superior control and colour flow. Suitable for oil and acrylic paints.