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Art Spectrum Definer Synthetic Brushes

Art Spectrum Definer Synthetic Brushes have a synthetic bristle that feels like a hog bristle, but gives superior control and colour flow. Suitable for oil and acrylic paints.



Flat No.1


Flat No.2


Flat No.4


Flat No.6


Flat No.8


Out of Stock
Flat No.10


Flat No.12


Out of Stock
Filbert No.1


Filbert No.2


Filbert No.4


Filbert No.6


Filbert No.8


Filbert No.10


Filbert No.12


Round No.1


Round No.2


Round No.4


Round No.6


Round No.8


Round No.10


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Art Spectrum Brush & Hand Cleaner

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Art Spectrum Brush and Hand Cleaner exudes no potent fumes and is harmless on the skin, safely removing both oil and acrylic based paints from brushes, tools and hands. Restore stiff, old brushes and maintain soft and pliable bristles. Non-abrasive, non-toxic and biodegradable.


Art Spectrum Goat Hair Wash Brushes

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With soft goat hair bristles, Art Spectrum Goat Hair Wash Brushes are great for applying large areas of fluid colour. Best suited to watercolour, fluid acrylic or painting with waterbased inks. Short Handle.


Art Spectrum Hake Brush

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The Art Spectrum Hake Brush is a Japanese style paint brush ideal for washes, glazing and varnishing. The Art Spectrum Hake Brush is constructed using natural wooden handles and goat hair bound with fine wire.


Art Spectrum Hog Hair Brushes

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Suitable for use with oil or acrylic paint, Art Spectrum Hog Hair brushes contain soft hog bristles and have a long red handle.