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Art Spectrum Glazing Gel

Art Spectrum Glazing Gel Medium is used to achieve moderate impasto effects and glazing in oil painting. When mixed with oil paints, Art Spectrum Glazing Gel Medium becomes liquid and will increase the transparency of oil colours. Dries quickly with a soft sheen.







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Art Spectrum Gum Turpentine

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Art Spectrum Gum Turpentine is a solvent used to dissolve varnish, make mediums and remove oil paint. Use in well ventilated areas and in moderation.


Art Spectrum Gloss Varnish

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Quality gloss varnish suited to protect oil or acrylic painitngs. Ensure the painting is fully dry before the varnish is applied.


Art Spectrum Art Clean

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Art Spectrum Art Clean is a brush and tool cleaner made from a blend of natural and biodegradable extracts. Similar to turpentine with a citrus scent and does not contain any petroleum-based solvents and no harmful bleaches.


Art Spectrum Lean Mediums

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Art Spectrum Low-Odour Mediums are an alternative to the traditional Art Spectrum Medium No.1, suitable for artists' who are sensitive to the strong turpentine fumes.

Art Spectrum Low-Odour Medium (Lean) is low odour oil medium for achieving fast drying and well balanced layers.

Art Spectrum Low-Odour Medium (Fat) can be used in place of gum turpentine.

Hazardous (Hazardous)