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Triumph LED Super Slim Light Pads

Ideal for tracing stencils or deign work onto paper, the Triumph Superslim Lightpads have adjustable LED lighting option that caters for different light conditions to help you trace with ease. 

No heat is generated from the light pad, ensuring no damage to materials, laps, or hands. 








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Kent Graduate A3 Drawing Board

NOW $160.00

Kent Graduate A3 Drawing Board is a portable, double-locking, parallel rule drafting board. 

Designed ergonomically, Kent Graduate A3 Drawing Board features a parellel straighthedge with a protractor and a STOP-and-GO locking and unlocking action. The L-system straighthedge design allows drawing along the top edge right down to the bottom of the sheet providing full accuracy and stability. 

Made from lighweight ABS plastic that us shock resistant and non-warping. 


Kent Studio Drawing Board

NOW $155.00

Kent Studio Drawing Board is designed specifically for technial drawing and is suitable for paper up to A3 size. This durable and lightweight drawing board comes with a nylon bag for added portability.

Features include:

  • Metric rule markings
  • Horizontal ruler feature a clear protractor and double locking transparent edge. Can glide smoothly across the board for precise drawing
  • Magnetic clamp to hold artwork in place
  • Non-slip on table and work surfaces
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort during use