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Studio Double-Sided Vinyl

Block printing double sided coloured vinyl is ideal for water-based inks. Studio Double-sided Vinyl is soft enough for beginners to easily use and is flexible so will not chip or crack. The black core reveals the image as the vinyl is cut. Cuts easily, prints clearly and is ideal for fine detail work



150mm x 200mm



Out of Stock
200mm x 300mm



220mm x 300mm



300mm x 400mm



450mm x 600mm


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Art Spectrum Pigmented Inks 500ml

FROM $37.50

Art Spectrum Pigmented Inks have a range of brilliant light-fast colours, are fast drying and water resistant. They can be used for drawing, calligraphy, airbrushing and watercolour effects. Superior to traditional dye-based inks, Art Spectrum Pigmented Inks suit most surfaces yet do not fade rapidly.

Art Spectrum Pigmented Ink is also available in 50ml bottles.


Bokundo Marbling Ink Sets

FROM $72.90

Boku-Undo Marbling Inks allow you to create beautiful marbled effects on paper or fabric. Simply drop the ink onto water, blow, comb or swirl to disperse as required and place card, paper or fabric onto the surface.

Boku-Undo Marbling Kit contains:

  • 6 x Assorted Inks
  • Paper & Comb
  • Plastic Tray
  • Instructions

Assorted Colour kit contains: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Black


Aqua Wash Inks 60ml

FROM $47.20

Aqua Wash Inks have been developed by the Lefranc Bourgeois laboratory. The binder is composed of several oil emulsions. Its adhesive quality, flexibility and yellowing characteristics are identical to those of traditional oil.

This water-washable oil-based emulsion ink is safe for hands and materials as they can be washed with soap and water. High in pigment concentration, Aqua Wash Inks are extremely lightfast and all the colours can be intermixed.

Wonderful for intaglio printing techniques such as engraving, dry-oint, mezzotint, etching and aquatint, as well as monotype and relief printing techniques such as lino cuts and wood prints.

Aqua Wash Inks is also available in 150ml tubes.


EC Drawing Inks 30ml

ONLY $8.50

EC Drawing Ink is a water-based transparent ink, blended with shellac for quick drying. It is waterproof when dry and has a low resistance to light.

EC Drawing Ink is suitable for paper, card and most porous surfaces.

Apply EC Drawing Ink with a brush or nibs, great for calligraphy, artworks and craft projects. Due to its quick drying, it is not recommended for airbrushing.

Variety of brilliant colours available in 30ml and 500ml, with black ink available in 2 Litre.

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