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Reeves Mixed Media Paper Pads

Designed for use with a combination of media, Reeves Mixed Media Pads are a versatile pad for any artist. Perfect for use with ink, pencils, markers, watercolour, acrylic or gouache paints.

Each pad has 15 sheets of 200gsm acid-free paper.






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Reeves Bleedproof Paper Pads

FROM $11.00

Reeves Bleedproof Paper Pads each contain 50 sheets of 75gsm acid free paper. Designed for use with markers, pens and fineliners for drawing and design detail.


Reeves Heavy Weight Drawing Paper Pads

FROM $11.70

Reeves Heavy Weight Drawing Paper Pads features 25 sheets of 200gsm acid-free papers.

Reeves Heavy Weight Drawing Paper are ideal for use with a selection of dry and wet media from pencils, pastels, crayons, charcoal, markers and even inks. It can also be used for light watercolour washes.


Reeves Black Paper Sketch Pad

FROM $11.00

Reeves Black Paper Sketch Pads contain 20 sheets of 140gsm black paper. The Reeves Black Paper Sketch Pads is suitable for use with pastels, gel pens & opaques.


Reeves Premium Drawing Pads

FROM $11.60

Reeves Premium Drawing Pads are medium weight with a fine natural white tooth suitable for artists who like flexibilty in their drawing paper.

Reeves Premium Drawing Pads are ideal for dry media such as graphite pencils, charcoal and coloured pencils. It can also withstand light watercolour, and ink washes. Reeves Premium Drawing Pads are suitable for students, hobbyists, and experienced artists.