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Matisse Low Viscosity Gesso

Matisse Low Viscosity Gesso is a softer, creamier alternative to the Matisse White Gesso range. While still posessing the bright white colour, soft tooth and flat finish, Matisse Low Viscosity Gesso is easier to brush out and manipulate.







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Matisse White Gesso

FROM $17.30

Matisse White Gesso is a permanent & flexible primer for canvas, board or paper. An intense white ground with excellent tooth, Matisse White Gesso creates a surface suitable for both acrylic and oil paints.


Matisse Black Gesso

FROM $17.30

Matisse Black Gesso is an intense black ground with excellent tooth, allowing for easy paint manipulation. Permanent and flexible, Matisse Black Gesso is water-based and a great primer for canvas, board and paper.


Matisse Impasto

FROM $13.75

Matisse Impasto is a full-bodied texture paste and modelling compound, free of colour pigmentation. Although Matisse Impasto is not fully transparent when dry, there is very little visual colour-loss when mixing and the richness will not be altered in any substantial way.

Drying to a low, subdued sheen and with a very open matrix, Matisse Impasto has the major benefit of allowing all the water to evaporate while losing less volume on drying.


Matisse Transparent Gesso (Pastel Primer)

FROM $13.75

Matisse Transparent Gesso (Pastel Primer) is a transparent & flexible primer for canvas, board or paper. Specifically formulated for use with the Matisse Background Colours range, the Matisse Transparent Gesso (Pastel Primer) will give your coloured primer extra "tooth" for painting. The result is a brilliant surface able to hold pastels and oil pastels.