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Jasart Byron Opal Glitter Effects Medium

Enhance your artwork with Jasart Byron Opal Glitter Effects Medium, featuring an abundance of small glitter particles that catch and reflect light for a dazzling effect.

Use it alone to enrich your artwork or to accentuate specific areas. Mix with transparent acrylic paint to create bespoke glitter colours, adjusting the intensity by varying the medium-to-paint ratio. The medium's effect varies with the background colour: on a white background, it sparkles with pink and purple hues resembling glitter crystals, while on a black background, it shifts into opal blues and greens.

Apply easily with a palette knife or paint brush on canvas, paper, or wood surfaces. Drying time varies depending on the amount of medium applied. Available in a 250ml size, Jasart Byron Opal Glitter Effects Medium adds a mesmerising touch to your artistic creations.