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Jasart Bamboo Sketching Easel

Jasart Bamboo Sketching Easel features:

  • Paint & draw standing or sitting
  • Free-standing easel
  • Convenient storage area for art tools
  • Holds canvas up to 85cm

The Jasart Bamboo Sketching Easel is constructed from eco-friendly bamboo grown in managed, renewable forests.



Bamboo (450mm x 200mm x 620mm)

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Jasart French Easel

ONLY $317.95

The Jasart French Easel is made from lightweight elm wood, making it ideal for painting on the go. With a built in drawer, you can easily store your favourite painting or drawing products and the sturdy carry handle makes it easy to move your easel around.

The legs of the Jasart French Easel are very adjustable, meaning you can use this easel sitting down by easily pulling a chair underneath. It can also be used standing up and the adjustable painting angle ensures you'll find the perfect position.

Easily folds down for compact storage and holds maximum canvas height of 85cm.


Lyre Studio Easel

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The Lyre Studio Easel is a sturdy, economical easel ideal for studio use or display. Made from elm wood, this large scale easel will hold canvases up to 127cm. The Lyre Studio Easel has a locking ratchet mechanism for adjusting the height and folds flat. Easy to assemble and boxed for shipping.


Jasart Field Sketching Easel

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Jasart Field Sketching Easel can be used at home or outdoors. It is easily adjusted to many canvas heights, to a maximum of 105cm.

The tripod design makes it easy to sit at and the legs can be individually adjusted, meaning it can even be used on an uneven surface. It folds neatly for storage and is easy to transport.


Jasart Bamboo Box Easel

ONLY $132.15

Jasart Bamboo Box Easel features:

  • Suitable for painting & sketching
  • Great storage & travel case
  • Convenient, lightweight & portable easel
  • Take up less space, so great for the office or dining table
  • Holds canvas up to 60cm

The Jasart Bamboo Box Easel is constructed from eco-friendly bamboo grown in managed, renewable forests.

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