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Framed Floating Canvas Panels

These Framed Floating Canvas Panels are a canvas panel secured to a solid beechwood frame on a raised wooden block, which creates the effect of the canvas panel floating within the frame.

The canvas panels are 280gsm 100% cotton which has been triple primed with acrylic gesso, so can be painted on without further preparation. You can choose to leave the wooden frame as is or use the frame as an additional surface to extend your artwork or create different effects.

The frame comes with a keyhole in the back to make it easy to hang.



20cm x 20cm (Canvas Panel 13cm x 13cm)


25cm x 25cm (Canvas Panel 15cm x 15cm)


20cm x 40cm (Canvas Panel 10cm x 30cm)


30cm x 30cm (Canvas Panel 20cm x 20cm)


30cm x 40cm (Canvas Panel 20cm x 30cm)