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Fibracolor Wide 'N' Fine Markers Classroom Set

Fibracolor Wide 'N' Fine Markers are medium fibre tip markers with water soluble ink that allows colours to mix when wet. Markers are presented in a stylish and practical plastic rack that holds the pens upright for easy colour selection.

Great for the classroom, home or studio. Fibracolor Wide 'N' Fine Markers offer brilliant colours. Marker nibs are cone shaped to enable thick and thin lines.



Assorted Colours 100
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Micador Beginner's Chalk Pastel

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Micador Beginner's Chalk Pastel is ideal for kids art and craft. It is non-toxic and made with a blend of chalk compound and pigment making them a harder alternative to tradtional soft pastels. Great for detailed work and making sharp lines and shapes.

Suitable for use on pastel paper, watercolour paper and drawing paper. Micador Beginner's Chalk Pastel colours are more vibrant on darker coloured papers.

Use Micador Workable Mat Fixative in between layers to avoid smudges and to prevent rubbing off on clothes.


Micador Colourush Pencil Sets

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Micador Colourush Pencil Sets have bold pigments with 4mm colour strip which enables colours to lay down faster. Colour pencils are fully bonded for increased break resistance.

They are non-toxic and acid free, so are suitable for children.

Made with FSC® 100% certified wood.


Micador Early Start Soft Triangle Crayon Set

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Micador Early Start Soft Triangle Crayon Set is suitable children aged 1+ years old. The triangle shape promotes the correct writing grip for children and aids in their development.

The crayons are break-resistant and made from beeswax which provides a wasy colour laydown. The set features 24 vibrant colours in a sturdy, reusable dog-shaped case with a handle for transportation.