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EC Sponge Paint Roller

EC Sponge Paint Rollers are lightweight and suitable for use with paint, ink and other water-based mediums. Ideal for craft projects and children's painting.






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EC Fabric & Craft Paints

ONLY $9.50

EC Fabric & Craft Paints are non-toxic paints suitable for wide range of fabrics including cotton, calico, denim and more. Also suitable for surfaces including canvas, wood, MDF board and more.

EC Fabric & Craft Paints are ideal for use in kids activity projects including t-shirt deign and more!

Made in Australia.


EC Pearl Paint Set

ONLY $24.95

EC Kids Paint Sets contain dazzling and vibrant colours, adding a new dimension to your projects in the home and classroom! Made from plastic, not metal glitter, EC Kids Paint Sets are non-toxic and washable off skin and most materials.


EC Splash Classroom Acrylic Paint

ONLY $22.70

EC Splash Classroom Acrylic Paint is a non-toxic & water-based acrylic paint. Designed for kinder and junior users, EC Splash Classroom Acrylic Paint provides dynamic colours with minimal fuss!


EC Washable Watercolours

ONLY $7.10

EC Washable Watercolours provide brilliant colour and supreme versatility. These watercolour paints are washable from skin and fabrics. The EC Washable Watercolours paints provide a stress (and mess!) free medium for watercolour painting, tinting pigment or craft dye.

Suitable for use on paper, cardboard, glue, fabric, wood & wool, EC Washable Watercolours are applicable with brushes, spray bottles, droppers and sponges.