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Drawing Pencils

The best drawing pencils are an essential companion to any artist’s studio, builder’s workroom or student’s pencil case. Our huge range of quality drawing pencils from leading brands like Derwent, Faber-Castell and Jasart has the perfect pencil for your creative needs. Grab yourself an affordable drawing pencil set, perfect for all experience levels, or finish off your project with the colour you need from our range of supplies.


Derwent Lightfast Wooden Box Set 48


NOW $299.00

Derwent Lightfast Wooden Box contains 48 superior, 100% lightfast pencils – won’t fade for up to 100 years!

• 100% lightfast, all colours are superior quality and comply with ASTM D6901 and Blue Wool Scale ISO 105
• Revolutionary oil-based core creates a buttery, velvety texture allowing colours to mix and blend
• Rich, vibrant colours that deliver a rapid and opaque laydown
• Colours can be mixed on the page to create a paint-like effect
• Strong point for detailed drawing and layering techniques
• Set contains 48 Lightfast pencils in a wooden box
• Colour Palette: Sun Yellow, Scarlet, Salmon, Violet, Mid Ultramarine, Mallard Green, Brown Ochre, Yellow Ochre, Sandstone, Natural Brown, Black, White, Champagne, Heather, Blue Violet, Dark Turquoise, Racing Green, Seaweed, Wheat, Venetian Red, Ruby Earth, Chocolate, Van Dyke Brown, Mist, Pale Peach, Oyster, Nightshade, Arctic, Spruce Green, Forest, Olive Earth, Sienna, Sepia (Red), Warm Grey, Cloud Grey, Midnight Black, Derwent Red, Mars Violet, Denim, Ocean Blue (Dark), Light Aqua, Grass Green, Light Bronze, Mars Orange, Fossil Grey, Moonstone, Platinum and Mars Black.


Derwent Metallic Mixed Media Set 19


NOW $115.00

Derwent Metallic Mixed Media Set 19 gives artists access to shimmering metallic colour, outstanding on light and dark paper.

• Derwent Metallic pencils have a soft core which will blend and layer easily, use for finer details over or as an outline to the paint when dry.
• Derwent Metallic paint contains shimmering metallic colour. Apply in creamy opaque strokes, build up layers of shimmering colour.
• Create highly reflective, striking effects on both light and dark paper.
• Ideal for a range of fine art or craft projects.
• Set contains 6 paint pans, 12 pencils and a waterbrush in a presentation box.
• Colour Palette: Paint - Silver, Sunset, Lime Gold, Red, Blue, Green. Pencils- Silver, Graphite, Bronze, Gold, Yellow, Silver Mint, Green, Blue, Purple, Silver Rose, Red, Rose Gold.


Jasart Colour Sphere Colour Pencil Sets


ONLY $4.95

Jasart Coloursphere Colour Pencil Sets offer bright colours with soft leads for a smooth laydown. They are break resistant and easy to sharpen.

The pencils come in both hexagonal or triangular shaped barrels for a comfortable grip. Ideal for use in the classroom or at home.


Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer Pencil Tins


FROM $42.50

Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer Pencils produce brilliant watercolour effects and contain high quality pigments. These colour pencils are easy to blend when wet and permanent when dry.

Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer Pencils have a smooth colour laydown and a vibrant colour range. Ideal for mixed media, fine detail on watercolour paintings, colouring in and for sketches when travelling.


Faber-Castell Red Range Watercolour Pencil Sets


FROM $10.00

Faber-Castell Red Range Watercolour Pencils have a rich colour that can be blended to create beautiful shading or brushed with water for brilliant watercolours. Making these watercolour pencils perfect for drawing or colouring in.


STAEDTLER Noris Jumbo Coloured Pencil Set


NOW $14.60

STAEDTLER Noris Jumbo Coloured Pencil Set features an ergonomic triangle barrel to assist in learning to write, draw or colour in making it ideal for pre-school and primary children. They offer a soft and rich colour when laid down onto paper.

They also feature a white protective coating around the lead to increase their break-resistance (Anti-Break-System).

Non-toxic. Comes with a Bonus Sharpener.


Prismacolor Colour Pencil Sets


FROM $26.40

Prismacolor Colour Pencils feature a thick, soft core constructed from the brightest light-resistant pigments. The result? A smooth, rich laydown and vibrant colour saturation - perfect for artists' of all levels.

Prismacolor Colour Pencils are break-resistant (manual sharpening is recommended), slow to wear and waterproof.

Prismacolor Colour Individual Pencils also available.


Derwent Inktense Pencil Tin Sets


FROM $41.50

Derwent Inktense Pencils are Derwent’s best watercolour pencil. Use them dry for great effects or mix them with water and WOW! - the colour turns into vibrant and brilliant ink. Once dry the colour becomes permanent and you can work over the top of it. This makes Derwent Inktense Pencils ideal for layering, free marking and use on silk, cotton, canvas and paper.

The Inktense Pencil Tin Set range is perfect for illustrators, flower artists and fashion designers and can be used for watercolour, decorating fabric or colouring in. Try them out using our guide to mastering watercolour. Once colours are washed out they dry quickly, meaning very little bleed occurs. Colour can be positioned next to each other with confidence that there will be little or no bleed into each other. The first of its kind, Derwent Inktense Pencils are unique to the market and a must for any artist.

Inktense Pencil Tin Sets are available in different sizes and feature colours like Apple Green, Sea Blue, Fuschia, Deep Indigo, Baked Earth, Bark and Ink Black. For best effect, combine with a Derwent Spritzer Vaporisateur which will create a new dimension to your water-based work. Spray water directly over the colour pigment of your Inktense pencils and spray colour straight onto your image.


Jasart Studio Tropical Coloured Pencil Set


NOW $10.25

Create the tropics with the Jasart Studio Tropical Coloured Pencil Set. Non-Toxic and acid free, Jasart Studio Tropical Coloured Pencils contains twelve premium lead pencils in vibrant assorted colours that delivers an even and rich coverage on paper.

Jasart Studio Tropical Coloured Pencil Set can be used by students and artists for various projects from colouring-in, artworks, journaling, and more.

Jasart Studio Tropical Coloured Pencil Set also available in different assorted coloured themes such as Skin Tone, Ocean, and Love.


Derwent Artists Pencil Tin Sets


FROM $39.95

Derwent Artist Colouring Pencils are made from the finest quality pigments to ensure pure true colours and superb coverage. The soft textured colour strip makes these coloured pencils capable of both intense and delicate shading.


Jasart Colour Sphere Jumbo Colour Pencil Sets


ONLY $12.05

Jasart Coloursphere Jumbo Colour Pencil Sets are ideal for little hands and offer bright colours with soft leads for a smooth laydown. They are break resistant and easy to sharpen.

The pencils come in both hexagonal or triangular shaped barrels for a comfortable grip. Ideal for use in the classroom or at home.


Derwent Lightfast Pencil Tin Sets


FROM $64.50

Derwent Lightfast Pencils have been specially formulated to be 100% lightfast. With their oil-based 4mm core, Derwent Lightfast lay down colour with a creamy consistency.

Artwork will not fade for up to 100 years when stored in museum conditions. Lightfastness may be affected if mixed with other products.

FAQs about Drawing Pencils

- A sharpener.
- An eraser.
- A pencil case or box.
- A ruler.
- Plenty of spare paper

- Hold your pencil correctly, supported by the middle finger, and gripped between your thumb and first finger.
- Use light pressure. This will help to create fine lines.
- Keep the tip sharpened. A dull lead is more difficult to control.
- Be careful not to drop them as the core can be easily broken.


- They’re relatively easy to control.
- Come in a variety of colours.
- They’re affordable.
- Easily taken anywhere with you.
- Don't require batteries or electricity.


The main difference between them is the hardness of the lead. HB has a harder lead and is better for writing, while 2B has a softer lead and is better for drawing. 4B and 6B are the softest leads available and are best for artists who want to create deep, dark lines.

What are the main types of drawing pencils?

Dive into our selection, from graphite, pastel, charcoal or coloured wax- and -oil-based pigments — all offering different effects and all available at Discount Art N Craft Warehouse.

The humble graphite pencil is the most versatile and well-known option. Keep one nearby to take down measurements on the go or sketch a detailed illustration when inspiration strikes.

Coloured pencils and pastel pencils are popular with all ages. Both are ideal for beginners to experiment with blending and shading, as they are easy to control and make minimal mess.

Sketching pencils are the best drawing pencils for creating shapes, intricate lines and tracing. Keep the thin graphite core sharpened for ultimate fine-line precision. Take your sketching one step further with charcoal pencils to add depth to deep blacks and softness to light grey hues.

Our range of quality art supplies are affordable and accessible to professional artists and beginners. Discover a drawing pencil set for your skill level online today.