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Need art projectors for an upcoming art project? Take a look through our excellent range of art projectors and find the ones your need. Best part is, you can get art projectors by some of the best drawing and illustration brands all at discounted prices! Save money buying art projectors without having to compromise on quality. Order now and have it delivered to you!


Artograph EZ Tracer


ONLY $127.15

Enlarge your drawing, painting or small 3D object to 2 to 10 times its size and project it on to your chosen surface with the Artograph EZ Tracer and Projector.

Project your work onto any flat surface to quickly enlarge your designs. Ready to use from the box and no assembly required.


Artograph Tracer


ONLY $390.65

The Artograph Tracer enlarges artwork, designs, lettering and even small objects from 2 up to 10 times. It is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for creating drawings, murals, paintings and signs.

Artograph Tracer features:

  • Enlarges 2 - 12x
  • Copy size 127mm x 127mm
  • Full colour projection
  • 23w spiral fluorescent lamp
  • 200mm optical glass lens

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