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D&L Air Drying Clay

D&L Air-dry clay is a low-cost and versatile material for kid and adult crafts, from preschool art projects to handmade wedding decorations. The clay dries in 24 to 48 hours without the need for firing.

Once dry, the clay is sturdy and suitable for indoor use, but is susceptible to water damage. The clay requires a coat of clear varnish or sealant to become water-resistant.













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EC Multi Coloured Fluorescent Modelling Clay

NOW $8.00

Have fun with EC Multi Coloured Fluorescent Modelling Clay. The 250g block of modeling clay contains layers of fluorescent red, yellow, blue, pink and green.


Sculpey Modelling Clay

NOW $45.40

Sculpey Modelling Clay is an oven-bake clay. It is soft, pliable and will not dry until it has been baked, allowing you to work on your project for as long as you need.

Once it has dried, Sculpey Modelling Clay can be drilled, carved, sanded, painted and varnished. Sculpey Modelling Clay is versatile and can be worked to create small intricate objects for doll houses, all the way up to models and large waterproof sculptures.


Super Sculpey Clay

FROM $31.75

Super Sculpey Clay is a unique polymer clay, ideal for artists, dollmakers and animation studios. Super Sculpey has a ceramic feel but is easy to condition and stays soft until baked.

Super Sculpey comes in a semi-translucent beige that turns into a flesh colour once baked. Ceramic-like finish after baking. Extra firm but maintains malleability after long periods of time.

Ideal for working in ultra fine detail such as animation, gaming and figurine concept building for movie making and general illustration work.


DAS Modelling Clay

FROM $7.90

DAS Modelling Clay is an easily malleable, air-dry clay suitable for all modelling techniques.

It has a fine, smooth texture and can be used on various supports. Acrylic paints or varnishes can be applied to your DAS Modelling Clay creation as a finish.

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