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Safety Hand Guard

Saftey Hand Guard is the essential guide for lino carving, affording protection when cutting towards the hand. A must for all classrooms for any carving operation.



Safety Hand Guard

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Lino Wood Tools Set

NOW $21.45

This Lino Wood Tools Set is ideal for beginners and students. Constructed using high quality steel, the tool set is suitable for lino cutting, as well as carving soapstone or talcstone.
Great for creating smooth and sharp lines as well as carving larger areas.

The Lino Wood Tools Set Includes 1 U & 2 V cutting shapes. 


Silk Cut Lino

FROM $4.90

An ideal surface for all printmakers, Silk Cut Lino offers softness and consistency with no slippage.

Pencil-drawn lines are easily visible on Silk Cut Lino and holds sharp lines for clearer prints.


Speedball Premium Lino Carving Set

NOW $38.70

Speedball Premium Lino Carving Set is a high quality set made with steel blades for long lasting, sharp edges.
Speedball Premium Lino Carving Set comes with the Speedball Lino Cutter handle and one each of Lino Cutter blades: Small V (#1), Large V (#2), Small U Gouge (#3), Large U Gouge (#5), Knife (#6) The handle also doubles as storage for the blades.


Essdee Lino Cutter 1 To 5 Plus Handle Set

NOW $16.85

Essdee Lino Cutter 1 To 5 Plus Handle Set Includes 5 precision cutters (styles No.1 - 5) and a sturdy handle with an aluminium collar which allows the cutters to be securely fitted and tightened with ease.

Manufactured from high carbon steel. Durable and long lasting, the Essdee cutters are precision ground to an optimum angle providing effortless lino cutting.